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The Nokia 6102i is one of Nokia’s mid-range flip phones. It has all the features you'd expect from a Nokia- an FM radio, a camera, an alarm, a calendar, games, Bluetooth, voice memo and a to do list. It’s a very user friendly phone- the large backlit keypad buttons are easy to see and easy to use and the layout is easy to figure out.

The 6102i has some cool features without getting too complicated. There’s room for 500 contacts on the phone alone, which gives you the option to input five phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses and even organize them into groups with a photo for caller ID. This phone supports both midi and MP3 ringtones too. Nokia didn’t make the 6102i flimsy either. This means that great sound quality and good battery life are not sacrificed. When closed, the front face of the phone has a large 1.2 inch screen that displays the battery life, time, date, signal strength and the name or number of the person calling.

You get a user manual, a battery and charger as well as a handsfree headset included with the 6102i. If you’re looking for user friendly, sturdy mobile and not a mini computer, this phone will do the trick!

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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