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Cheapest Nokia 6300 in Ireland
Our Price: $87

The Nokia 6300 has received outstanding reviews recently. People are impressed with its simplicity, its slim design and the fact that it is so lightweight even with a metal casing. Not everyone needs a phone with high specifications. A lot of people don’t need their mobile to conquer the world, so what’s the point in paying top dollar for features that you’ll never even use?

The 6300 is perfect for everyday use- It has an FM radio, a 2 megapixel camera, mp3 playback and even the battery life is impressive given that the phone is so slim. So if you want a sturdy user friendly mobile to make phone calls, send texts, set alarms and listen to a bit of music then this phone is perfect for you.

The 6300 is well worth the asking price, especially at the discount prices below. Once it’s unlocked, it can be used with any network’s sim card. Check it out for yourself.

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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