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Cheap Nokia N70 ireland
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The Nokia N70 is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to fork out two weeks wages for a mobile, someone who simply wants a nice sized phone with a few frills on a budget. With an excellent 2 megapixel camera (with a powerful zoom), real player, Bluetooth and a built in FM radio, it has all the basic frills you’d expect from the “n” series.

The screen is a nice big size, sound quality is crisp and clear and the body itself is curvy and stylish. Its two-way camera enables you to make video calls and it has a great sized screen for browsing the internet.

The removable memory card means that if you want to store lots of photos and MP3 music on your phone, you can upgrade it as much as you like. The N70 is a sturdy reliable phone that’s difficult to fault.

Most N70s you buy in shops are tied to a particular network but unlocked N70 models can be used with any network. We've sourced the cheapest N70s and listed them below. 'N'joy!

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

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