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The Nokia N95 is all that is right with mobile phones today. A fierce competitor and mobile phone/PDA of choice for those who don't want to take the iPhone (or complex smartphone route)  route. The N95 has made a name for itself by being one of the most user friendly, highest capacity all round brilliant phone with the highest resolution camera available.

Boasting an impressive 8GB memory along with GPS (Which the iPhone can't give you!) along with the usual Nokia standard series 60 operating system, the nokia N95 puts an end to having to carry around a separate PDA, camera, MP3 player and phone. You can pick up a new Nokia N95 much cheaper online. You can see that most online prices are well below the extortionate asking prices in high street stores.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the Nokia N96 and be aware that the iPhone killer, the Nokia N97 is also available now too! Order an unlocked nokia n97 here.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

Nokia N95 Reviews (5)

  1. July 22, 2009 by Jonathan Lindsey

    I had this phone for a few months but I decided to get rid of it. It’s battery life was catastrophic. If you listen to the radio or play a few mp3 songs and have 2-3 short calls it barely will last from the morning until the evening. The radio is very poor, the reception is bad, no RDS. I had Sony Ericsson phones with perfect radios so I can tell that it is crap in the N95.

    You can add a lot of information to the contacts but when you want to access it, it is displayed in an almost useless way. Voice commands aren’t customizable, this feature is also almost useless. Voice dialling will dial the default number, you cannot chose which one to dial, so it’s pretty useless unless only a single number is assigned to a contact.

    The camera is good, I took some excellent photos with it. The media player is great, not as good as on an mp3 player, but this is a phone anyway. fine if not as intuitive as some. The screen is excellent, it displays a lot of useful information in standby mode. I would not recommend this phone to anyone, it has some good features but most of them are not working the way they should, also I had frequent crashes, only removing and reinserting the battery helped.

    features, camera, speed

    crashes, battery life, fm radio

  2. July 22, 2009 by Emma Berner

    Best mobile phone, I love the free GPS feature. You can browse the internet, not just mobile pages, it has flash player also. The 5mp camera with flash is awesome, I would add only image stabilization. It has decent media player features and connectivity. You can use any mp3 or video file as a ringtone. I had some problems with the sliding body, while holding it in my pocket it slided unlocking the phone and I made some calls I didn’t know about. It has a symbian OS, so you can add aplications easily. The wifi feature is great and easy to connect to a network. The battery life is average, I have to put on the charger every night to be sure it will not ran out of power.

    It is definitely pricey, but if you want a great phone with excellent features, you can’t go wrong with it.

    lightweight, gps, great camera,internet

    sliding design flaws

  3. May 20, 2010 by Ray K

    always loved using Nokia phones untill recently.
    I purchased N95 8GB from a US website and it worked beautifully about 18 months until my internal memory got corrupted. I spent more than 100 hours on the phone with Nokia support (which hard to understand and speak English, call centre was somewhere in Philippine) finally they gave up and asked me to sen the phone for repaire to a third party service centre in the US (NOKIA DOESN’T HAVE ANY LOCAL SUPPORT – THIS SUCKS). I sent the phone three times to this place and every time they sent it claiming that they have fixed it. The truth of the matter is NOT fixed. The last time they sent it back without any docs and when I called them they said. Sorry we can’t fix it. At any cost
    This phone cost me more than $500.00 and now it is useless in less than 20 months.
    NOKIA get a grip and be serious about supporting you products. If you have any chance in making it big in the US, get you fat AS—-SS here and support your product properly.
    Anybody who lives in the US and thinking about buying a NOKIA phone think again.

    Crashes, battery life

    What did you find were the cons of this product?

  4. August 10, 2010 by William Tracy

    I previously had a TMobile Wing, running windoze mobile5 ca** os. got for free – gave it away FOR FREE – it was worth every penney NOT. Next, got a Nokia N95 – OH, My g**, it could do internet browsing, email, pictures and videos (in STEREO!) and take a addon 8GB swappable microdisc! The slidding funtion was cute, but mostly not needed. Overall, until I got my Nokia N900, by for my best phone!

    Pros: internet, VOIP, camera, display, sound,video recording, etc+++
    Cons: battery life was OK, not good. phone charger was not so great!

  5. September 13, 2010 by tommym


    This is a great smartphone with almost every feature you could ask for. Unfortunately, AT&T changed their network spec in the middle of 2010, and now in certain big cities (NYC, Chicago, Miami) the 3.5G speedy internet connection can crash it. Other than that, it has the loudest clearest speakerphone, you can add apps to it, the screen is beautiful (tho’ 2.8″ isn’t the biggest you can get anymore, with 3″ iPhones and 4″ Samsung AMOLED’s) you can plug your headphones right into it’s 3.5″ audio/video jack without an adaptor (you can show movies on your tv with the included cable too) – good 5MP camera/video recorder, very good speech to text recognition (especially with cheap VLingo app) for voice commands, AND voice text messaging and voice created email. It will read your messages to you, but I haven’t tried that yet. Mine has been very solid, with (knock on wood) no hardware problems. It’s great for connecting to your wi-fi networks wherever you go.

    Pros: Amazing feature set, clear screen, great sound and speakerphone sound, fine camera, sensible operating sysem.
    Cons: Just lately, problems with 3.5G network use in NYC area – it crashes, but if you change its network setting to GSM, it never crashes.

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