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Nokia's first foray into touchscreen handsets was with the 5800 Xpress Music but they finally added it to a real smartphone with the N97 Touchscreen. Featuring a gorgeous 3.5inch widescreen display, Symbian OS, and slick slide out keyboard, this phone can be as fun as it can be productive. You can literally do anything you can on a PC with this gorgeous little smartphone. Not only does Nokia pack in a machine about twice as powerful as the iPhone 3G, Nokia have chosen not to restrict you to the software you can install on the device, or your mobile phone network.

Boasting a massive 32GB internal memory that is endlessly expandable via micro SD, GPS, WiFi, native facebook and email applications a 5megapixel camera and DVD quality video recording and QWERTY keypad. We absolutely loved the feeling of the Nokia N97 titling, sliding screen, that reveals the perfect little keyboard. This is something HTC have attempted, without success with the cheaper HTC Tilt 8925. The N97 keyboard features perfect tactile feedback, it's perfect for texting and typing emails. The dual input is great though, when you just want to acess a few apps or open a message, the touchscreen is great in that respect, and then when you're reading to reply you can simply flip your little screen up to access the gorgeous little keyboard.

We love how the volume rocker doubles up as controls for the camera, and both the lens and flash are protected by a nice little sliding cover. So you'll never have to worry about the optics getting damaged. The new widget-based home screen on the N97 gives you the freedom to customize the home screen and lets you see more information at a glance, as well as giving you easy access to your favourite apps.

The Nokia N97 is without a doubt the most desired phone Nokia has ever released, pick yours up here today and you won't be disappointed.

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Unlocked Nokia N97 Touch Screen Reviews (5)

  1. July 25, 2009 by Dave

    I’ve had this phone for about a month now and I ahve to say, I’m pretty dissapointed. I held off buying an iPhone (any flavour) because I was loyal to Nokia. What a mistake. This phone is and absolute disgrace of an attempt by Nokia to compete with the iPhone or Palm pre. The phone is so buggy it’s unbelievable and not a PEEP out of Nokia on a release date for new firmware.

    This phone also has without a doubt the WORST battery life I have ever come across. While I love the camera, web browser and video recording (really great job BTW Nokia) the horrible PC suite software, Ovi store, firmware and battery live have led me right into the hands of Apple.

    Big screen, excellent quality video and amazing quality camera.

    Extremely poor battery live, bad ovi store, poor software

  2. July 31, 2009 by Etijen A.

    The phone isn’t cheap, I paid almost $750 for it. I always had Nokia phones, I’m a kind of a Nokia fan and this time I wanted their flagship phone. I picked up the black version, but the white one looks good also.

    I love the design of this phone. It looks great. At the beginning I was a bit disappointed. The apps on phone aren’t that great, and the keyboard could be a lot better, the space bar is in a really weird position, that makes my typing quite slow. I have not had problems typing long texts on other qwerty devices. Slowly I got used to the keyboard, but I’m still far from typing fast on it.

    The screen is big, and bright. It’s pretty responsive, but I found it a bit resistive and lacks the multi touch feature. It is usable though, I can navigate and scroll pretty fast without problems, so I’d say it’s ok.

    It has 32GB memory in it and a real operating system that makes this phone a small computer. The camera and camcorder features are awesome, the speaker is excellent. Watching videos are a great experience on the big display. So the media capabilities of this phone are great in my opinion.

    Maybe it would be a better buy if it was a bit cheaper, but I wanted the latest and greatest Nokia phone, so I had to pay what I paid for it.

    size, meadia features, looks, memory, screen

    keyboard, especially space bar location

  3. September 1, 2010 by Sam


    I was absolutely thrilled when this phone was launched. Its features were great and better than any other Smartphone out in the market at that time. iPhone still lacked much functionality and was not an option for me. It has a great 3.5 Inch touchscreen, unfortunately resistive screen so it is not as responsive as capacitive screen as in iPhone. The 32 GB memory is very useful, it is fast and can be used to transfer any file I want, it also acts as a portable hard drive. Because it has 32GB mass memory I can put any amount of music I want without any problem.

    Pros: keyboard, 32 GB memory, 5MPX dual flash camera
    Cons: poor memory in C drive, low ram, general performance is very slow

  4. September 1, 2010 by Max


    Nokia N97 is a superb smartphone, it has 32GB of memory, a gorgeous 3.5 inch screen, 128 MB RAM, GPS and Bluetooth. It comes with free voice navigation with Ovi Maps and is preinstalled with lots of widgets like facebook, boingo, jaikospot, slideshow, accuweather and the amazing qik which lets you broadcast videos live to the internet. The 32 GB mass memory lets me put all my music in the N97. I also fill it up with videos and love watching movies in it. 3.5 inch screen with the resolution of 360×640 is very good for watching movies.

    Pros: The awesome screen, 32GB memory, GPS
    Cons: the resistive touchscreen, 128MB RAM is less for S60 V5, some preinstalled apps are not very good.

  5. September 1, 2010 by Laura


    Nokia N97 is a very flawed multimedia flagship smartphone. The Symbian interface is unassuming and unattractive. The interface is taken for the Symbian version 3 and directly ported to Symbian, only the touch elements have been added so it is not very pleasant to use and sometimes it is very frustrating as performing some tasks take a lot of steps. The double tap to access or start apps is not at all fun to use. It has no graphic chip and the memory is less so the phone has a lot of lag and performing a simple task can take a lot of time.

    Pros: 32GB memory, 3.5 inch screen, Keyboard
    Cons: Symbian Interface, Low RAM, slow performance.

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