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The Palm Pre is a long awaited arrival that has exceeded expectations. It is an incredible device with a curvy exterior and a 3.1 inch touch-screen that slides out into a full QWERTY keypad. This is the perfect combination that like to text and e-mail because you can enjoy slickness of navigating around the touch-screen with a swipe of your finger and then the keypad is there for when you crave physical buttons for speed. The pre has a great accelerometer which changes the phone from portrait to landscape mode when you turn it and is perfect for widescreen viewing of multimedia and web browsing.

It has a 3 megapixel camera with LED flash that produces vivid images that look great on the 320 X 480 resolution display. As you would expect, the Palm pre has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. It has a generous 8GB of built in flash memory great for storing your photographs and music. Most notably, the Pre has a deck of cards feature designed to optimize your user experience. This feature allows you to scroll through your applications with ease as if they were a deck of cards meaning you don’t have to bother with opening and closing different windows. Unfortunately, unlike the sim free iPhone 3GS, the unlocked palm pre only has 8GB on board,  non expandable memory which is a bit of a bummer for those who use their cell phones extensively for video.

Interestingly, the Palm Pre has a wireless charger (It's the future!) which is a relatively new phenomenon for commercial phones. This is very tidy and convenient. Overall design and specs are very impressive.

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Unlocked Palm Pre Reviews (1)

  1. October 3, 2011 by Jane


    I love how this is a touchscreen phone that also has a full keyboard, even better that the keyboard can be tucked neatly away. This makes it perfect for typing emails for work, but then you can hide the keyboard to watch a little video when you’re on your break. This phone is really easy to use, something that can’t be said for other smartphones, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it, I didn’t even have to read the manual! Lucky me.

    The coolest thing by far about this phone is the wireless charger, no body I know has this on their phone, not even iPhone! It’s so cool and works perfectly. IT’s so futuriistic!

    Pros: Touchscreen AND full keyboard. WIRELESS CHARGER.
    Cons: It’s a bit big.

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