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Cheapest Samsung E900 in Ireland
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Available in black, pink or orange, and now very cheap to buy, the E900 offers fantastic value for money. The E900 has touch-sensitive keys combined with a slide-up design. The outer buttons are invisible when not in use, and light up when touched. This gives the phone a sophisticated, high quality look. There is also an email feature included which allows the user to create, send, receive & store emails on their phone. The phone comes with a document viewer which allows the user to view documents in Excel, Word, PowerPoint & PDF type files.

It comes with a high quality 2 megapixel camera and a fully-featured music player with expandable memory to update your MP3 player. There’s also a TV out connection so you can connect and view your photos and videos on your television.

All you need, all in one. Get the cheapest prices below.

The Samsung E900 has an impressive feature which automatically senses the volume of the background noise and will increase the volume and clarity of the incoming call to make it more audible.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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