Samsung SGH A877 Impression

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Everyone is using touchscreen phones these days. Are you still using a small phone with small screen and no features? You have no idea what you’re missing and it’s time to upgrade. Samsung Impression SGH A877 is a nice little phone with a brilliant touchscreen, great design and very functional keyboard. Samsung Impression has strong resemblance to LG Xenon.  The display of this phone is bright and crisp. The colors are rich and the animations are smooth. The display is made up of active-matrix organic light –emitting diode display technology. At 3.25-inches, the display is gorgeous and offers enough room for all the great functionality this phone has to offer. The display is very responsive and has great tactile feedback.  If you like the responsiveness of the touchscreen to be a certain way, you can adjust the calibration along with the intensity of the touchscreen feedback.

In the bottom there are three touch controls for the phone dialer, the contacts menu and the main menu. The dialer phone interface has large numbers and shortcut to the contacts menu.  You can use the 10-button keypad for typing messages in a hurry. The menu is similar to every other phone; it is icon based and very easy to use. The menu and the submenus have been neatly arranged and you would not have any problem navigating it, it’s very easy to pick up. This phone also has the power search feature that you can use to quickly find a particular contact; it is very useful if you have a very large contact list. I like the TouchWiz interface by Samsung; it is similar to iPhone’s interface. It offers plenty of customization - you can move around the widgets around very easily and arrange them to your own taste. Samsung Impression SGH A877 is a great little phone with all the features you would expect in a high-end phone. We have a limited number of these handsets unlocked at a very special offer while stocks last.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

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