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The SciPhone Dream G2 reminds me somewhat of a Samsung in its design. It has a flat touch screen through which you use Google Android type interface* user interface. This 2.8 inch touch screen has a nice high resolution TFT display, 240 X 320 dots resolution. The display is clear and functional and it looks pretty sleek too. It comes with a 4 mega pixel interpolated (2 mega optical lens) camera and  has an advanced photo application. Playback is on the Android video player/media player which supports 3GP and MP4 video formats. Audio wise it also supports MP3 and MIDI. Plus the device has a stereo FM radio and has an integrated hands-free speaker.

The SciPhone Dream G2 has a 1G microSD TransFlash Card included and it can support a memory card up to 16 GB microSD memory cards. It also has a 80MB internal dynamic memory for messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications. For connectivity the device has bluetooth, which means it has generic hand free abilities and all the associated bluetooth functions. The device also has USB 2.0 via Mini USB interface and mass storage class with drag and drop functionality. If you are a fan of the (not related) G1 smartphone, and the nexus one deal is still a bit out of your range, this is absolutely perfect for you.

As I mentioned earlier the G2 is run on Google Android* which means you will have no problems with anything on the internet since it comes with all Google mobile products. Further to this the device has a built-in Opera Mini Browser with gives full-page viewing and email support is fully intact with POP3 and IMAP. The device also can handle office docs like word and excel. Plus it can also deal with instant messaging to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. With all of these features on top of a really nice price tag, what more could you ask for? Get your unlocked SciPhone Dream G2 Smartphone at a great price here.

*Note that we have a limited stock of these as a result of requests in our members forum. This is a not an official Google phone or a HTC phone. The OS is NOT Google Android but is based on Android. Please see the video review for additional details. All our products are genuine however, you will be contacted before this item is shipped to ensure you aware of the difference with this device.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

SciPhone Dream G2 Smartphone Reviews (3)

  1. February 24, 2011 by Mandy


    SciPhone Dream G2 is a really cheap smartphone. It has lots of features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MP3 player, Video player, Google Apps, camera, video, FM radio, sound recorder etc. The touchscreen is below average, you have to touch on the icon many time for the phone to register that you are touching on an icon. It has a Google Android type of interface and is not real Android operating system. You will not be getting integrated Google services with this phone.

    Pros: cheap, features, interface
    Cons: not android OS, bad touchscreen, slow interface

  2. February 24, 2011 by Ben


    I have never heard of SciPhone Dream G2. It is poor copy of Google Android OS. It does not have the integrated Google services like the Android operating system has. Dream 2 is a knockoff of HTC Magic. This phone does not even have 3G so you are stuck with basic EDGE or have to go looking for unsecure WiFi to connect to the internet. Once you try the web browser in this phone you will not bother connecting to the internet.

    Pros: interface, looks, price
    Cons: no real OS, slow browser, no 3G

  3. February 24, 2011 by Alice


    Even though SciPhone Dream G2 does not have a real Google Android OS, it does come with some Google services and apps preinstalled. This device thankfully comes with Opera mini preinstalled which is a good browser in any phone. The default browser in this phone is a pain to use. It has POP3 and IMAP email support. It also handles office documents like word and excel. It also has instant messenger built in which you can use to chat with your friends.

    Pros: cheap, preinstalled opera mini, document support
    Cons: no apps, lack of games, no 3G.

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