Unlocked Blackberry Bold (9000)

Cheapest Blackberry Bold in Ireland
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This Blackberry has the whole package. It boasts a QWERTY keypad, a camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and the old favourite 3G. Connectivity is the main appeal of this phone. It places e-mail, internet and instant messaging at your fingertips.

Not only do you have access to these features, you have access to them quickly as the Bold has a 624-MHz processor. Multi-tasking is the key! The battery on the Bold is a winner. You won’t suffer from low battery problems again with the Bold in your pocket. With a camera and video recording, you longer have to feel like you’re living in the nineties when someone asks you to snap their photo and you shrug and point at your phone whispering “Blackberry.” What about the other multimedia capabilities of the Bold? You can watch videos on the gorgeous 480x320 widescreen that is designed to deliver clarity that exceed expectations.

You can also organize your music using Media Sync to transfer your iTunes collection to your Blackberry Bold without having to submit to getting an iPhone. This is the phone Blackberry fanatics have been waiting for. I’m sure it will recruit some new followers too. Get an unlocked Blackberry Bold for a steal while stocks last.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Unlocked Blackberry Bold (9000) Reviews (1)

  1. October 3, 2011 by Brandon


    You can’t go wrong with a Blackberry Bold, I love mine. I can email and text all my friends at super fast speeds, it’s why we all have Blackberries and not touchscreen phones, these take up too much of your time, I can write faster than I can type on a touchscreen, especially with hands as big as mine. I’ve never had my battery die on me either, even though I’m on the phone all the time.

    If I ever lost my phone I’d buy another one.

    Pros: Everything, great keyboard, great screen, fast apps, reliable call signal and quality.
    Cons: I don’t use it for tunes, I have my MP3 player for that – it’s not a great MP3 player.

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