Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones

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If you’ve ever wanted to adjust your own personal listening level while watching TV or listening to music then the perfect solution is a pair of wireless headphones. Sennheiser is long trusted name when it comes to headphones and the Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones definitely live up to the name.

The Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones charge on a base station that conveniently can accept more than one set of headphones, for multiple listeners and have a huge 23 hour battery life.  They look good and feel good too, with a sealed design to ensure no audio leakage, so you never have to worry about waking up your partner again. This design also guarantees that you yourself won’t be distracted from outside sounds, perfect for a busy office or just those days when you want to float away with your tunes.

As a wonderful bonus the Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones have a special compression circuit to improve speech recognition, so if you’re hard of hearing you will never again miss out on important movie or TV dialogue. Also, the left-right balance control is perfect and the auto leveling circuit works great for keeping commercials at the same volume as the program.

Even pushed to its maximum range of a massive 150 meters away from the base station the intelligent auto tuning and signal control will ensure a high-quality reception. Allowing you to walk around your home and still hear your favorite music uninterrupted and without distracting anyone around you. Combine these with an wireless ipod remote, and you're all set for the ultimate private audio experience.

The Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones are the perfect addition to your gadget collection, don’t delay in picking up these high-quality and yet surprisingly low priced headphones, your ears and your neighbors will thank you.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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