Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC

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Tablet functions on laptops like the HP Pavilion tx2500z are novelty at best and if you’ve been looking to get serious the Motion Computing LE1700 is a light wireless notebook sized Tablet PC with big RAM and even bigger flexibility for your home or office. This slate tablet is perfect if you spend a lot of time standing on your feet and need the best, lightest big screen tablet on the market.

Of course there’s an optional mobile keyboard, but the touchscreen is so responsive to both your fingertips or the digitizer pen, you may not want to use a physical keyboard again. You can easily pop this slate tablet PC into a dock to use it as a desktop, making this tablet truly multipurpose.  The 12.1inch display can be switched into landscape or portrait view, and its incredible antiglare screen is perfect for outdoor viewing. It’s also a really sturdy tablet, its frame is made of poly carbonate and magnesium alloy for protection, so going outdoors will never be a scary prospect again, even the hard drive is shock-mounted.

If security is an issue for you than the LE1700 will help reassure you that your date is safe, it both encrypts your files and has a fingerprint protected power-up sequence. Not only that, it also comes with bios routines built-in, designed to reduce computer theft. If someone steals your LE1700 they will get caught as soon as they log onto the Internet.

Stop hauling that laptop computer around with you, pick up the Motion Computing LE1700 today.

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Price Range: $200 - $300

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC Reviews (2)

  1. May 8, 2010 by Allison Burges

    I have to say, as a graphic designer, this is without a doubt the best tablet on the market. I am in absolute shock at how much attention the ipad is getting, especially those considering using it for wire framing, sketching etc. The LE1700 Tablet PC absolutely blows it out of the water on every level. Any designer worth their salt *should* be able to see that. Don’t buy into the hype, it’s going to be difficult to beat this tablet, even in the next couple of years.

    Finger and stylus/pen responsive
    Massive screen
    Rock solid, you can bring this thing to the beach

    It’s heavy
    It runs windows (not really a con though)

  2. August 17, 2010 by Marcos Aurelio

    The LE1700 is amazing!

    I´m a pop artist and here is my blog address with my LE1700´s comments, draws and video about me drawing on it.

    You can see the viseo at YouTube too:


    Pros: Very easy to use!
    Cons: I think the graphics chipset should be better.

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