Sony Tablet S 32GB (SGPT112US/S)

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The Sony Tablet S is a 9.4-inch device that is focused on entertainment. If you're looking for a tablet to play games, watch videos, read ebooks, browse the web and photos on the go then the Sony Tablet S is the one for you. The model we have on offer is the Sony SGPT112US/S which is a 32GB Wi-Fi version of the tablet. It runs on the the Android Honeycomb operating system so if you have already used an Android device, you'll already know how to use this tablet. If not, the Sony Tablet S is very user-friendly and easy to pick up.

The design of this tablet is very nice and it feels great in your hand. It has a 9.4-inch LED-backlit TruBlack display which makes colors really pop so games and photographs look great and are very detailed on this device. A Sony Entertainment back is included with the tablet which has Crash Bandicoot & Pinball Heroes preloaded on the device so you can see how great games look right out of the box. You also get a free 6 month basic membership to Music Unlimited as week as access to full-length movies and TV shows free of charge from Crackle. The Sony Tablet S is the only tablet at the moment that offers this perk. You can also use this tablet as a remote control for your other entertainment products like your TV, Blu-ray player or cable box. The built-in remote control allows you to cut down on all those remotes and have just one device to operate. It isn't just restricted to Sony products either.

If you have been thinking about getting a Sony e-reader then you can combine two products in one because the Sony Tablet S uses Sony’s brilliant TruBlack display. This works by controlling the refraction of light between the LCD and the screen which makes it easier to read on. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of time because its form factor shifts the weight of the device to your palm and makes it feel lighter and more comfortable to hold when reading an ebook or watching a movie. When the tablet is flat on a table, the device has an angle that makes it much easier to type on also. If you're looking for a tablet to take care of all your entertainment needs, look no further than the Sony Tablet S SGPT112US/S. Get it at a great price here.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sony Tablet S 32GB (SGPT112US/S) Reviews (1)

  1. December 15, 2011 by Peter


    Why did Sony wait so long to bring an iPad killer out? I’ve been using a sony e-reader for years and still don’t understand the hype around the kindle, just because there is a big book store behind it. The new tablet from Sony has replaced my e-reader and given me something even more amazing, a full tablet device, but something I can easily read from too. It’s expensive but worth it.

    Pros: The screen is amazing for surfing the web AND reading.
    Cons: Should have come out AGES ago. Too late to the market.

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