Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet

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Webdesigners, photographers and illustrators the world over have been using Wacom graphics tablets to create professional results for many years now, some have claimed that it's their secret to high levels of productivity and boundless creativity. Wacom graphics tablets put the design back into your hands, and this is even more so with the new Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium Pen Tablet. It combines the most advanced pen technology with the multi-touch functionality that you've come to know and love on other devices like the iPad 3.

The Wacom Intuos5 is natural and easy to use, the tablet allows you to switch between multi-touch gestures to control you Mac or PC software, and pressure-sensitive pen control to sketch, paint and retouch. With the medium sized model you get 48.4 square inches of working space, large enough to work on but small enough to pop in a bag and bring with you.

The Wacom Intuos5 has Customizable ExpressKeys and a Multi-Function Touch Ring for controlling scrolling, zooming, or your predefined settings like brush size and canvas rotation. The Mult-touch surface is perfect for interacting with your desktop envoirnment and the wireless capabality means you won't be held back creativly by wires or constraints.

The stand out feature of this graphics tablet is of course it's professional pen performance, which successfuly simulates traditional pens, markers and brushes. The Intuos5 Grip Pen features 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity as well as pen tilt recognition. You need to try this to believe how good it is, you can easily create varitions in line width and opacity just using the pressure of the pen against the tablet, it's a unique input device, and essential for anyone that works in graphic design.

This is a highly professional piece of technology, if you're looking for something cheaper and home user orientated the Wacom Bamboo Capture Graphics Tablet has been recently reduced down in price.

Get to grips with your graphics, pick up a Wacom Intuos5 today.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

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