Seagate Replica 250GB PC Backup

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Looking for a more affordable Time Machine for your PC? Nowadays, most people keep their whole life on their computers. If you're computer crashed, if something happened to your hard drive, you would lose music, photos, important documents and much more. It's sometimes difficult to remember to back everything up so wouldn't it be great to just back up your whole PC on one external hard drive automatically?

That's where the Seagate Replica 250GB PC Backup System comes in. It offers complete peace of mind as you just connect to to your computer and everything on your PC is backed up, even your operating system, programs and preferences. The hard drive continuously stores up to date copies of every file on your computer but best of all, it even stores previous versions of files so if you accidently delete something important, you can retrieve it without a problem. You can even use password protection if you want to restrict access to your files.

What if there is a virus on your computer or a crash while this hard drive is connected? That is no longer a problem as this device can go back to the point before the problem began and all your information will be still there. The Seagate Replica 250GB PC Backup System is very user-friendly and easy to set up. There is no complicated installation; just plug in the usb connection and you are ready to go. Unlike the Western Digital 250 External Hard Drive, it works like any other USB device, you can drag and drop files effortlessly. This is not a cheap generic internal drive.

This compact device is so convenient and reliable, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. It's never too soon to back up your system. Order yours today.

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Price Range: $30 - $100

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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