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Cheapest Creative Zen Vision W in Ireland
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You can’t help being impressed with the Creative Zen Vision W. It's by far the most eye-pleasing LCD on a PVP on the market. On top of that the Type II CompactFlash slot distinguishes the Vision W from much of its competition. The Creative Zen Vision leverages its VGA screen to (640x480-pixel) resolution which delivers beautiful crisp, colourful video.

Everything looks incredible, from photos to video to the interface itself. Creative also includes a soft drawstring case to help keep the screen pristine. To cater for all of your needs, it plays MP3, DRM WMA, and WAV audio files; JPEG photos; and AVI, DivX, MPEG, Motion-JPEG, and WMV video files. My personal favourite feature is that it plays and records FM radio (a feature the iPod lacks) and records voice notes via a built-in microphone.

This Zen is packed full of other cool features such as on-device playlist creation; shuffle and repeat modes and its can serve up Album of the Day, Random Play All, Most Popular (based on your ratings), and Rarely Heard. You can even listen to your tunes while viewing a slide show of your photos, a super feature if you’re into montages! There’s also a smart volume option, to keep your music at a safe volume to not damage your ears.

I could go on and on about the great features of this player, but I’ll keep it snappy by concluding that the Creative Zen Vision W is well worth the money.

Creative promises up to 4.5 hours of movie playback time and 13 hours of music from the Zen's removable lithium-ion battery but of course you can always purchase an optional extended life battery if you feel you need more. Really comfy foam padded earphones come included also, which is always a bonus.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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