Microsoft Touch Mouse (3KJ-00001)

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If you're a PC user who has been holding out for the Windows version of the Apple Magic Mouse, then your day has arrived. The Microsoft Touch Mouse is a multitouch mouse that is fully integrated with Windows 7. It was designed to work seamlessly with the Windows 7 OS to give users a natural and intuitive experience. The Microsoft Touch Mouse is very comfortable to use because it has a contoured shape that fits nicely in the hand so that you can use it for long stretches without experiencing fatigue in your hand.

Setting up the mouse is very easy and there is a tutorial to guide you through the quick steps of set up and a video to show you the gestures that the mouse responds to. The Microsoft Touch Mouse features BlueTrack™ Technology so that it can be used on lot of different surfaces including granite, carpet and wood. It uses high-angle imaging optics so it can work on more surfaces than laser and optical mice.

The touch controls on the Microsoft Touch Mouse are very intuitive so you won't have to spend a long time trying to figure them out. Use one finer to flick, scroll or pan in any direction. Swipe three fingers down to reveal all open windows or your desktop and swipe two fingers to minimize, maximize or snap to see your windows side by side. There is also a thumb flick gesture for navigating forward and back. These natural gestures will speed up your workflow and make the way you use Windows much more productive. If you're looking for a wireless mouse that works seamlessly with Windows 7, then pick up the Microsoft Touch Mouse here at a sale price.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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