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The Dell XPS 720 is a dream come true to graphics users and heavy gamers. It comes in three editions- the pricier H2C edition is jet black with a glossy black chassis and the other version comes in red with aluminium chassis or jet black with aluminium chassis.

The design is very cool looking- literally! The grilles give the XPS 720 plenty of ventilation and best of all; it runs as quiet as a whisper. I’m really impressed with the design of this machine. It’s not often that manufacturers put this much thought into the aesthetics of a PC. You can adjust the effects and lighting colours of the LED to set whichever mood you like.

You can choose seven colours including blue, red, green and pink. You’ll never run out of space with this machine as you can fit four hard drives into the casing. To make matters even better, this is easy to do as the XPS 720 is prewired with internal SATA and power cables.

It’s clear that the folk at Dell were thinking style and convenience when they were making the XPS 720. Get the cheapest prices here.

An easy release mechanism holds everything firmly in place meaning you don’t need a screwdriver to work with any of the installations. The case is also designed in a slope to allow easy access to cables at the back of the machine no matter where it is stored.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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