Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC

Our Price: $997

A lot of people shipping for a computer choose laptops, not because they need to bring their computer anywhere, but because they're nicer looking than a large dusty tower, screen and separate speakers that take up half a desk. These days, large dusty towers and speakers are things of the past and if you don't need a portable computer then why not have a glorious widescreen to enjoy? The Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC offers just that with a 23-inch slimline widescreen which hosts everything you need. The disc drive, speakers and ports are all part of the screen so it is very easy to keep your desk clutter-free. This desktop has plenty of space for peripherals with 3-USB (2.0) ports, 2-USB (3.0) ports and 1-USB (2.0) port with Sleep and Charge. USB sleep and charge allows you to charge an iPhone or any device that is USB powered even when the desktop is powered off.

The Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC runs on Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and comes with lots of software to start you off including a Microsoft Office trial, a TOSHIBA Video Player with Resolution+ Upconvert Technology, a Norton Internet Security trial, TOSHIBA Recovery Disk Creator, TOSHIBA Web Camera Application, TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert, CyberLink PowerCinema 7.1 Touch Software, TOSHIBA Media Controller, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor, Waves MaxxAudio® 3, and Microsoft® Windows Live Essentials including Photo Gallery, Messenger, Mail, Writer and Movie Maker. The built-in webcam is 1.3 megapixels and has a microphone so you can start video chatting right away.

If you want to sit back and relax with a movie, the Toshiba DX735 uses Resolution+ which upscales standard DVD content to look more like HD in real time. You can also listen to music from your MP3 player using the speakers on this desktop even when it is switched off. If you'd like added security, there is also a new log-in feature that you can use called Face Recognition. Instead of typing in a password, you can use this feature for added convenience. The Toshiba DX735 also has Bluetooth connectivity and a memory card reader so that you can easily transfer files from your camera and other media devices. If you're looking for an extremely powerful desktop PC that has lots of added features at a great price, pick up a Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC here today.

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Price Range: $700 - $1200

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Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC Reviews (1)

  1. January 18, 2012 by Brandy


    I’m really glad I was able to free up space in my bedroom by getting a computer that is also my TV. The screen is really amazing on this computer, it’s like a sexy flat screen. I’ve no need for any of those fancy media players or Apple Tv type boxes either. This works seamlessly as my entertainment system and home computer. It’s just perfect for what I bought it for.

    Pros: Really fast. Amazing screen. Music without turning it on!
    Cons: Slow to start up.

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