Sandisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card

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There's no getting away from memory cards. Try as we might, we can't escape them- cameras, video camera, audio recorders, the Amazon Kindle; all of our favorite gadgets require them. You've spent a lot of money on these devices, so don't let your memory card fall short. Even the best camera can't capture images on a cheap faulty memory card. It is possible to have it all. You can have great quality and a great price with Sandisk memory cards. Sandisk memory cards are very reliable and dependable every time. This memory card even has an operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor. So if anything should happen to your device, you can take comfort in knowing that your data is safe.

You can stop worrying about running out of space with the Sandisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card. The capacity of the card differs depending on what kind of device you're using it with but for a comparison- a high quality 12 megapixel SLR camera (like the Canon XSi/450d) can store around 2,000 images on this card and an average 6 megapixel camera can store nearly over around 3,800 images. The Sandisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card also uses very little battery consumption which can make your device go for longer. If you have a lot of memory cards that you use for archiving, this card has a very convenient external switch that you can slide over to remind yourself or someone else not to write over or erase it.

So whether you're using it with your camera, your phone, your e-book reader or your video camera, the Sandisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card is a great investment. Get peace of mind at a great price here today.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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