Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

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When Microsoft were tasked with renewing their popular Microsoft Office productivity suite they realized that there were now so many features in their different applications that it had become difficult to locate some features. With Office 2007 they’ve introduced the “ribbon” a much more intuitive way to access the features you used to find in the menus. Everything is now grouped together and accessed by clicking on tabs, which are organized in the order you would naturally use them.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 will work great on any laptop that has Windows XP or higher running, but if you’re an Apple Mac user you can get MS Office 2008 for Mac Home & Student here. It comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Older versions of Home and Student MS Office used to come with Outlook, but with the popularity of web based email programs such as Gmail it’s great to see a brand new piece of software bundled with Office instead.

OneNote is a digital notebook that helps you gather, organize, and search many types of information in one place. It provides great note-taking tools, categorisation systems and a powerful search feature. With it you can even search handwritten notes, the text in images and scanned documents, and spoken words in audio recordings.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 is an essential software suite for home computer users that makes it a pleasure to complete all kinds of work. Get yours here today.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

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