Windows Vista Home Premium Full Version for PC

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Not sure which operating system to get for your PC? Windows Vista Home Premium package is an operating system which is orientated towards entertainment and home use. Visually the new Windows Vista Home Premium interface Aero is impressive. It does require a graphics card that drives DirectX 9.0 128MB of dedicated graphics memory. But if your graphics card doesn't meet those requirements Vista will still run but just with a visual interface closer in style to XP. Vista Home Premium improves some features within Windows XP giving you a more stable system so you better protected against those nightmare crashes and it also offers better built-in support options.

It has to be noted that many of the features on Vista Home Premium are improvements on the basic home user software. There are a lot of great features in Windows Vista Home Premium, which add value to the package. Some of the main include Windows Vista ad hoc backup recovery and instant Searchbut Vista doesn’t put Search on the desktop instead its in the applications within the Start Menu. You get Internet Explorer and of course Windows Media Player. Hobby Video makers will be satisfied by the HD version of Moviemaker and Windows DVD Maker, which make it easy to transfer video to DVD media. Along with that you system assessment/protection programs like Windows Security system, User Account Control (UAC) security protection, Windows Firewall and Windows Defender Anti-Spyware. Further useful features include Windows Meeting Space for impromptu wireless meetings, XPS document support for PDF-like files,  a better supported p-to-p networking and enhanced VPN support.

A cheaper solution to Windows 7, Windows Vista Home Premium is a relaible solid package for everyday use of the home user. It's a fast, affordable OS that you're bound to love on your Windows machine. Grab it at the best price here.

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Last updated: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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