iDog iPod Speakers and Dock

cheap idog iPod speakers
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Looking for iPod speakers with a difference? If you're looking for something a bit more fun and exciting than the Cambridge Soundworks iPod Speakers, iDog will be your iPod's (or any music player with a standard headphone jack) new best friend.

Connect your iDog to a music player and enjoy him dancing along to the music and lighting to the beat. The iDog will always change his mood to suit your music. Playing your favorite songs has never been so entertaining. The iDog will shake his head, his ears and even gives out little barks.

The speaker is located at the back of the iDog  and you can push his nose to interact with him. Push his nose twice to hear your most played music and hold his nose down to power him off. If you disconnect the iDog and place him beside any speaker, he will dance along to that music also. Perfect for portability, the iDog takes batteries so he couldn't be easier to move room to room or to take traveling.

Why buy standard speakers for your music player when you can get speakers that set the mood and dance along with you? Take home the iDog today.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

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