iHome iHM79 Mini Speakers

Our Price: $30

Do you want portable speakers so you can listen to your music while traveling or do move easily from room to room in your home? With the iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers you get huge sound in a very small package. Available in black, red, silver and white, these speakers are perfect for music devices including iPods and iPhones and they're even great for using with your computer. Why have all the bulk of larger speakers messing up your desk when you can have these stylish little speakers that offer the same sound as the bigger, bulkier speakers.These speakers are collapsible so when you need to move them, they're even more portable. For transport, the iHome iHM79 speakers come with a magnetic base that keeps them from getting separated in transit.

The speakers have built in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are charged via USB using the supplied USB cable. There is a power indicator that you can keep an eye on so you know when they need a charge and you'll never have to invest in countless packets of batteries for this portable gadget. A carry bag is included to keep the speakers protected when on the go and clean when in storage.

With such great sound for the price, it's no wonder that these are one of the most popular speaker devices on the market. Pick up the iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers today while they're still in stock.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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