Sony ALTUS Wireless Speakers for iPod

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The Sony ALTUS ALT SA31IR wireless music system is one of the coolest gadgets on the market. It allows you to set up speakers in multiple rooms and stream the music from your iPod or iPhone wirelessly around your home. These speakers will change the way you live as you can control your iPod from any of the rooms you have speakers set up in.  These speakers boast a mighty 16W total system power (14W RMS), full-range bass reflex speakers, dual wireless speakers, an FM tuner with 30 programmable station presets and an LCD display on each speaker.

The speakers are easy to set up as you don't have the hassle of setting up wires all around your home. Out of the box, you get a dock for your iPod or iPhone and two wireless speakers. You can expand your set up anytime by buying optional extra speakers, allowing you to have 8 speakers set up throughout your home. The dock charges your music player and the Sony ALTUS ALT SA31IR speakers come with two remotes, which is always convenient if you live in a house with stairs or if you're the forgetful type. The remote's LCD system even provides you with information about the song that's playing, the artist and the album.

The Sony ALTUS ALT SA31IR wireless music system will be a fantastic addition to any home that enjoys music. Pick up your speaker system here, hurry before they're gone.

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Last updated: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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