Soundmatters foxL v2 Bluetooth Speakers

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With so many music players and tablets like the iPod becoming so popular, we're starting to enjoy entertainment much more on-the-go. Whether it's music we're listening to or movies we're watching, nobody can deny how convenient it is to enjoy multimedia no matter where we are. Although headphones are perfect for enjoying music by yourself, especially with the great market of noise cancelling headphones like Monster Beats, if you're at the office or somewhere like a garden party then the built-in speakers on great devices like the iPad just won't do. That's when you need some external speakers to step up to the mark. The Soundmatters foxL v2 Bluetooth is a really small portable music speaker system that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Don't let its size fool you though because the foxL v2 Bluetooth Speakers are extremely powerful.

These speakers deliver very high-quality audio that will impress even the most fussy audiophile. Sound comes through with amazing clarity and because they were very lovingly designed by Dr Godehard Guenther who is a physicist and former NASA engineer, you will be blown away by the outstanding fidelity and bass response from this little device. It is battery powered, which can last up to 8-hours but also comes with an AC wall adapter. The speakers can be connected to connected to almost any device via a 3.5mm audio cable but if you have a Bluetooth music player or phone like a Blackberry or iPhone, then you can connect wirelessly to those devices using Bluetooth.

The wireless quality of the foxL v2 is amazing which automatically connects to your device for easy set-up and has a 25-30' range. If you're using these speakers with a phone, there is also a button included to answer/end calls. You can also use the foxL v2 as a wireless hands-free device, which is perfect for conference calls with large groups because of the audio range. The Soundmatters foxL v2 Bluetooth Speakers come with a travel pouch and 4 plug-in travel adapters. Grab a great deal on Soundmatters foxL v2 Bluetooth Speakers here today to get the best accessory you'll ever find for your music player.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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