iPad Mini Wifi 16GB

iPad mini 16gb white

The iPad Mini is one of those devices that has been long rumoured, but had never surfaced, until now that is. It’s called the mini because of its 7.9 inch display, but Apple have also reduced the price significantly, in comparison to previous iPad models. The iPad mini display has 1024 x 768 in resolution, which is the same as the original iPad, and while the iPad 3 has often been criticised for being too expensive, it’s clear that you do get what you’re paying for with super HD graphics via that retina display.


iPhone 5 16GB

White iPhone 5 Front and Back

It’s impossible to talk about the new iPhone 5 without making comparisons to its older fatter brother the iPhone 4S, and it’s not just about size. While the iPhone 5 is certainly taller, slimmer and lighter than the 4S, there are bigger differences than the improved weight/size and the slightly larger screen size.

The iPhone 5 is most definitely faster than the 4S, everything this phone does is faster and smoother, and it really benefits from the upgraded A6 processor, which supposedly makes everything on the iPhone 5 twice as fast as the 4S. While we've not tested this, it certainly feels that way to us, with both apps and webpages loading at lighting fast speeds. The A6 processor also brings a longer battery life and even better graphics performance.


Apple USB Superdrive

Photo of the silver Apple USB CD and DVD Drive

There's always been something missing from the Macbook Air, it's almost perfection has been marred by the lack of a CD Drive. There is just no denying that there are times when you really need to play or burn a CD or DVD, so rather than relying on friends or horrible Internet cafes, get yourself the sleek new Apple USB Superdrive.


iPad 3 with Wi-Fi 16GB (3rd generation)

iPad with Wi-Fi 16GB - White (3rd generation)

The third generation iPad has been dubbed "New iPad" by Apple. But no matter what you end up calling it there's no doubt as to how impressive this tablet computer is in comparison to it's predecessors the iPad 2 released just last year and First Generation iPad from back in 2010, let alone how impressive it is when compared against it's competitors. 


Clamcase iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Do you ever wish you could be a little bit more productive with your iPad? The iPad can be a very fun and useful device but have you ever thought "I'll wait until I get to a keyboard to write that up" even though you've had your iPad with you? With the Clamcase Keyboard Case, you can turn your iPad 2 into a netbook simply by clicking it into place in this cool gadget. The Clamcase is a light and portable case with a QWERTY keyboard and 14 function keys that access all the main features on your tablet so that it can be used as a productivity tool.


Mophie Juice Pack Air for iphone 4 and 4S

Do you love your iPhone 4 but hate its battery life? If you're someone who is always watching video, checking your email and listening to music then you'll know how fast the battery can drain. If you're not near an outlet during the day then you might stop using your phone as much as you'd like to save the battery life. With the Mophie Juice Pack air, you can put those days behind you. The Mophie Juice Pack air is a case that you slip your phone into, but not only does it protect your phone- it charges it too.

This case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S and has an award winning innovative design. The case is lightweight and low profile as it is designed to mimic the iphone design with silver edges and a black back and front. When you put your iPhone in the case, there is a switch that allows you to switch between using the Juice Pack air as a case alone or as an external battery. When it is set to charging mode, the smart battery technology on the device ensures that the iPhone drains the Juice Pack's battery before its own. Even if your phone is completely depleted of battery, the Juice Pack will bring it back to life to 75%.

The Juice pack air has a great design with an integrated LED status indicator on the bottom. This works exactly like the status indicator on the aluminum MacBook, which tells you how much battery is left at the touch of a button. The design of the case also improves the sound that the iPhone delivers due to its redirection of sound from the bottom of the iPhone to the front which acts as a virtual speaker box resulting in richer sound quality. The Mophie Juice Pack air comes with a USB cable that allows you to connect your phone to iTunes without having to remove the case.

If you'd like to boost the protection, sound quality and battery life of your iPhone then the Mophie Juice Pack air is a great investment. Pick one up here at a discounted price while stocks last.


iPhone 4S 32GB

Are you looking for the newest iPhone to hit the shelves? The iPhone 4 was a phenomenally successful phone and now the iPhone 4S promises to be even better. First of all, you might as well throw away your digital camera. The camera on the 4S is spectacular. With brand new optics and an A5 chip, it's an 8-megapixel camera that is dramatically better than the camera on the iPhone 4. Photos look brighter and more clear because there is a much larger aperture of f2.4. Low-light photographs are a lot better as a result and much less blurry.


iPhone 4S 64GB

The iPhone 4S is here and it was worth the wait. This time around you don't have to wait for the white iPhone like the previous model. We've got a 64GB unlocked white model here that is packed to the brim with impressive features. First off is the feature that everyone is talking about- Siri. Siri is your own personal assistant on your phone that will make you feel like you have stepped into the future. You can ask Siri anything, but you don't have to type it. Siri uses voice command and will speak right back to you. You can tell Siri to read you your text messages and reply on your behalf, which would come in really handy if you are driving or in a hurry somewhere. Tell Siri that you're looking for a Chinese restaurant and it will tell you what is nearby.


Apple iMac 21.5-inch

Are you looking for an all-in-one computer? If you don't need to carry your computer around with you then it is much better value to invest in a desktop. For the same price as a MacBook with lower spec and a smaller screen, you can get a glorious 21.5-inch iMac which not only looks incredible, nut has amazing specs too. For intensive graphics programs like Photoshop and Final Cut studio, the iMac is a much better choice than the MacBook Pro. The new Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz performs almost twice as fast as the previous iMac.


13-inch MacBook Air 256GB Model

Settled on a Macbook Air but need the top of the range model? The 13-inch MacBook Air 256GB model is at the top of this very impressive range. Before the launch of this generation of MAcBook Air, a lot of people found it difficult to decide between the Macbook Air or the iPad 2 as a secondary device for traveling with. The MacBook Air had the keyboard and the iPad stood out with its entertainment features. With this upgrade and price drop of the MacBook Air range however, they have separated the devices further with the decision to replace the white classic Macbook with the Air. This is because the Air now stands firmly as being a computer suitable for more than netbook use. This notebook is very capable with advanced Intel HD graphics 3000 and the inclusion of an SD card slot as well as a Thunderbolt connection. Thunderbolt I/O is very forward facing technology that is 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and up to 12 times faster than FireWire 800. This kind of speed allows you to use this single port to connect a huge number of peripheral devices with amazingly fast performance.


2.5GHz Mac Mini 500GB Model

Do you already have a PC but want to switch to Mac? There has never been a better time to become a Mac user with the launch of OSX Lion. The 2.5GHz Mac Mini ships with Lion preinstalled which makes setting up your new Mac a very simple process. Lion has a host of great features that you'll absolutely love on your new Mac Mini. With this new OS, a lot of emphasis has been placed on perfecting multitouch gestures. The aim is to operate your Mac in a way that is comfortable for you so it becomes an extension of yourself. If you have ever used an iPhone or iPad, you'll know how great it can be to pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll or switch between apps.


11-inch MacBook Air 128GB Model

Looking for a fast, fully featured notebook to travel with? The new 11-inch Macbook Air has just hit the market and is more affordable than ever. Once upon a time, Macbook Airs were out of the price range of most, but even then they didn't have quite the speed or storage to be used as a main computer. Now that has all changed. Not only is the new 11-inch 128GB MacBook Air affordable, it has everything you need to make this your one and only notebook. Apple have so much confidence in this fact that they have scrapped their white MacBook model from the line-up and decided to offer simply the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro.


13-inch MacBook Air 128GB Model

Are you looking for a portable laptop but turned off by the limited options available on netbooks? Netbooks have hit the roof in terms of sales and popularity because their ability to ensure productivity on the go. We've seen a lot of nice devices in this range from the Eee PC netbooks to Sony's VAIO P. These devices are great to check e-mail and browse the web but if you have ever tried to actually type up a document on a tiny device, you'll know just how awkward that can be. The 13-inch MacBook Air steps in to bridge this gap between portability and productivity.


Mac mini with Lion Server

Have you got a small business, a group or a studio that you'd like to set up on a server to share and communicate information? Mac Mini with Lion server gives you all the benefits of a mac mini with the added extra of this fantastic Lion server. Setting up a server used to be a daunting task to many people. Mac mini with Lion Server makes this process so simple and user-friendly that anyone able to use a computer will find a stress free process. Not only is the Mac mini Lion Server effortless to set up, it is also very easy to manage by yourself. This cost effective solution is perfect for a small number of employees or group members to share files, collaborate on projects, maintain a group calendar, host your own website and mail server as well as backing all these important things up.


11-inch MacBook Air 64GB Model

Want to get your hands on the latest generation 11-inch MacBook Air? The launch of the first MacBook Air thrilled consumers that look for the most portable, elegantly designed gadgets. Now their form factor and performance has been updated once again making this a fully fledged laptop to rival its bulky competitors like the Dell Inspiron range not just in terms of size and weight, but challenging them in power and features also. This latest offers comes with Apple's new operating system OS X Lion preinstalled. This means that set-up is really easy and you can get to all the great features in no time at all.


Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

Did you recently switch to Mac? Are you missing many Microsoft Windows application that you used to use? You need Parallels Desktop application for Mac which is used by millions of people worldwide to run Windows application on their Mac computers. You don’t have to worry about switching back to Windows simply to use a few Windows applications that you were used to. Parallels Desktop 6 is an award-winning program that allows you to run Windows applications on your Mac.


iPad 2 Smart cover

We were all eagerly waiting the iPad 2 after months of rumors about what its design would be like and what new features it would have. I think I can safely say that none of us were expecting a smart cover. Pure genius. The smart cover is available in multiple colors and you have a choice to buy it either in polyurethane or in simple terms plastic or in elegant leather.


Apple Aluminum Remote

Looking for the perfect remote to use with your Mac? The new aluminum remote is the perfect addition to both your Mac and your iPod. This remote is a nice piece of design work, it feels solid in your hand; the aluminum build makes it easy to pick up and hold and the buttons are tactile. The angle of reception is great, you can even use it from behind the device you're pointing it at.


Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Are you someone that is always dropping your phone? You've probably held back on buying the iPhone if you've had bad luck with your phones in the past but you no longer have to worry about that with the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone. A very popular choice for iPhone 3G and 3GS users, this case is the most durable case you can put on your iPhone.


iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi

Were you holding out from buying the first generation iPad to see what the iPad 2 would be like? Maybe you're just crazy about new technology and want to upgrade right away? Either way, the announcement of the iPad 2 did not disappoint. Available now in a black or white model, the iPad 2 comes with two cameras. Take photos and HD video right onto your iPad to share and edit, or give someone a call on FaceTime.


Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for Mac

Do you want to design world class websites? Are you a beginner at web design or a coder that wants an easier way to get things done? With Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 you will have the simplicity and speed of a visual editor with the precision of a code view. Allowing you to develop websites fast and still giving you the option of tweaking your code to meet your own exact standards. It’s made by Adobe, so you can be guaranteed that it will work well and has plenty of support. If you are a trained web designer you will love how Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 will help you get basic tasks done quickly and automatically. If you’re a beginner or just like making websites for fun, you will love the help and the opportunity the software gives you to learn.


Apple iPod Touch 8GB (3rd Gen)

Tired of being left out? Wishing you could have a slice of that Apple pie? These days everyone seems to have some kind of internet tablet or smartphone, but if the iPad or iPhone are just way outside your price range, then there has never been a better time to pick up an 8GB iPod touch. The little brother of the Apple iPad.


Apple TV HD

Have you been tempted by Apple TV in the past but didn’t like the idea of adding another bulky piece of kit to your entertainment system? Lucky for you that Apple have come along and redesigned the Apple TV unit so it’s 80 percent smaller, less than four inches square and now it has its own built-in power supply too. So it will look great nestled neatly on your widescreen TV stand. This new model is sleeker, quieter, stays cool without the need for a fan and to top it off its energy efficient too.


Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Gen)

32 GB apple iPod Touch deals IOS4

Been waiting patiently for a camera to arrive on the iPod Touch? Time to snap this one up because it's finally got all the camera goodness you've been dying to add to your favourite MP3 player and portable internet tablet. With this 4th generation model Apple have finally added not only photo and video capability, but HD video, which you can even edit direct on the iPod touch itself with the iMovie app. With revolutionary new touch screen technology, it has never been more fun to listen to your MP3s and now, watch your own HD videos in widescreen!


Apple iPod Nano 16GB (6th Gen)

If you’ve always loved the idea of the tiny iPod shuffle but were put off by its limited features and lack of screen than the 6th Generation of the Apple iPod Nano 16GB is perfect for you. Apple have taken all of the miniature goodness of the Shuffle and the coolest features of the Nano and put them together to create a small but featured packed touchscreen MP3 player.


Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 Cover

If you’ve heard all of those horror stories about people who have dropped their iPhone 4, you can worry no more if you get yourself an Otterbox Defender iPhone Cover. This incredible cover will make your iPhone 4 drop proof whilst still giving you access to all your iPhone 4 functionality. The most durable case on the market, it will protect your iPhone 4 from almost anything.


Apple iPod Touch 64GB (4th Gen)

apple iPod Touch deals IOS4

Been waiting patiently for a camera to arrive on the iPod Touch? Time to snap this one up because it's finally got all the camera goodness you've been dying to add to your favourite MP3 player and portable internet tablet. With this 4th generation model Apple have finally added not only photo and video capability, but HD video too. Packing a massive 64GB of internal memory this iPod Touch is the perfect companion to your entire music and video collection.


Apple Magic Trackpad

Looking for an alternative to the mouse on your Apple iMac or Mac Pro desktop computer? More comfortable with the trackpad on a laptop? You’re not the only one, and the Apple Magic Trackpad is the perfect solution. This wireless trackpad works exactly like the built-in one on the Macbook Pro, so you can swipe through pages on your screen and give your fingers a sense of momentum as you move up and down a page.


1st Gen iPad Wi-Fi & 3G 16GB Unlocked

The smallest capacity version of the iPad is just as powerful as it's big brother's the 32GB iPad and 64GB iPad but you will gain the best experience from the Apple iPad Wi-Fi & 3G model because you can go online from anywhere, which is exactly what the iPad was designed to do. The 9.7-inch tablet has a crisp, vivid display and weighs just 1.5 pounds. It is thin and light enough to take anywhere, it will become your ideal travel companion, for browsing the web, watching videos and more on the go.


Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Gen)

The iPod Shuffle is the most compact iPod that Apple offers. It was the first iPod to use flash memory and was a big hit with fitness fans. The original concept around the first generation of this iPod was that you would connect it to iTunes and it would choose a random selection of your music, which would then randomly play for you later. Thankfully Apple came around to the idea of giving Shuffle owners more control and with a significant focus on buttons the Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Generation takes this further.


Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic

Are you looking for replacement headphones for your iPhone? Or perhaps you want to add a remote and ability to make VOIP calls to your iPod Touch? In either case you can’t go wrong with the original and best, Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic.


1st Gen Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB

The 32GB iPad in its 9.7-inch glory is the ideal device for browsing the web, listening to music and watching videos on the go. Thin and light enough to take anywhere, the iPad has a crisp, vivid display that can be used in landscape or portrait mode. It weighs just 1.5 pounds so it will be your perfect travel companion. If you have ever used an iPod Touch or an iPhone, then you already know how to use an iPad and you know what it has to offer. The touch screen on the iPad allows you pinch to zoom in on your photos on maps and it also responds to many other gestures. The iPad is even more responsive than the iPhone and the speed of web browsing and enjoying applications is much faster also- not to mention much more enjoyable on the larger screen.


Unlocked 32GB iPhone 4

Even though the iPhone 4S has been released, the iPhone 4 is nothing to sneer at. This phone is still hot, has a much better price tag than before and the only downside to the phone is still getting locked into a nasty contract. Why should you have to commit to only having one network choice? We don't think you should. That's why we've got the unlocked and contract free 32GB iPhone 4 on offer.


Apple Bumper Case for iPhone 4

Have you got yourself a shiny new iPhone 4 and want to spruce it up a little? Maybe you just want to prevent your brand new gadget from getting scratched or broken? Most people splurged on buying many different covers and cases from hundreds of third party manufacturers for their iPhone


Unlocked 16GB iPhone 4

Are you dying to get your hands on the new iPhone 4? Wouldn't it be great to not be tied to networks and contracts? We've got the shiny new black iPhone 4 unlocked so you can say goodbye to those network commitments. They weren't lying when they said that iPhone 4 is the biggest jump forward since the original iPhone. Imagine having a HD video camera in your pocket all the time? Now you can, you'll never miss an important moment again. There are already iPhone 4 videos being uploaded all over the Internet and the quality is phenomenal.


Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

If you own a Mac then you'll want the most up to date operating system running on it. Why work with anything else? Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is Apple's most impressive operating system yet. There's no reason to be nervous about updating and getting used to an unfamiliar work-flow though because this operating system (OS) is just as user-friendly and reliable as the last one. Why fix something if it's not broken? Snow Leopard is simply fine tuning and speeding up the previous OS.


Apple Final Cut Studio

Are you a filmmaker or videographer? If you plan on editing any video on your Mac then look no further than the Final Cut Studio. Final Cut Studio is the latest and most advanced editing software available. This version of Final Cut has dramatically improved features and is more accessible than ever before. With free tutorials widely available online, now has never been a better time to start editing video.


1st Gen Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB

The 64GB iPad in its 9.7-inch glory is the ideal device for browsing the web, listening to music and watching videos on the go. Thin and light enough to take anywhere, the iPad has a crisp, vivid display that can be used in landscape or portrait mode. It weighs just 1.5 pounds so it will be your perfect travel companion. If you have ever used an iPod Touch or an iPhone, then you already know how to use an iPad and you know what it has to offer. The touch screen on the iPad allows you pinch to zoom in on your photos on maps and it also responds to many other gestures. The iPad is even more responsive than the iPhone and the speed of web browsing and enjoying applications is much faster also- not to mention much more enjoyable on the larger screen.


Apple Wireless Keyboard

Cheap Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Do you hate wires and clutter? The Apple Wireless Keyboard is a solution to your desktop troubles. It’s a beautiful, minimalist device, but nonetheless constitutes a full-sized keyboard.


Apple Mac Pro


These days one of the big problems with computers is how quickly they become obsolete. Even the most powerful computer today won’t be in the same league in three years time.


Apple TV 160GB (1st Gen)

Do you have a HD television? Just because your TV is HD ready doesn't mean that you're using it to its full potential. With Apple TV, you can really get the most of your television entertainment. Hook it up to your television and a new world of TV shows and movies are open to you. Rent or buy the latest movies by browsing through genres, top movies or even searching by actor or director.


Apple Time Capsule (1TB)


Making the effort to continuously create up-to-date backups of your files takes a lot of time and patience, unless you have a Time Capsule which was created by Apple to solve this problem.


Apple 13-inch White Macbook Unibody


Looking for the most affordable MacBook? If you need a MacBook to edit videos, photos and enjoy a very user-friendly operating system but are scared off by the prices of the expensive Macbook Pro, you'll love the new affordable MacBook unibody. It is the predecessor of the black and white MacBooks we all know and love, but the new design is more innovative and durable than the previous models.


New Apple Mac Mini


Do you want a Mac but already own a display, keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse? Who says you need a whole new computer? Switching to Mac is as easy as buying this tiny box. This tiny desktop measures just 2 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide. It uses far less energy and takes up less space than another other desktop. The new Mac Mini has a whole lot of power packed into this little package. It has 320GB of storage space, 4GB DDR3 RAM and advanced NVIDIA graphics.


Apple Magic Mouse

Cheap Apple Magic Mouse

The world's first Multi-Touch Mouse is here. Feeling a bit left out in the cold with your apple desktop ever since the new MacBooks have invaded with their revolutionary trackpads? Well, now you don't have to with the new Magic Mouse.


The New 17 Inch Macbook Pro

There has been a lot of excitement since the announcement of the 17 inch MacBook Pro with its new aluminium casing. This casing is strong enough to take everywhere with you; yet it is slimmer and lighter than the previous MacBook Pro.


Apple iPod Touch 64GB (3rd Gen)

Have you been swooning over the iPod touch? There's never been a better time to buy one as it has a new price and brand new capacities. The iPod touch is now available in a huge 64GB model.It fits fits a massive 80 hours of video, 1400 songs and has even faster performance than before.


Cheap iPod Nano Video (5th Gen)


What can you say about the new iPod Nano? The Nano is the best selling iPod for a reason. It is just 3.6-inches in height 0.24 inches in depth and it weighs just 1.28 ounces. This means it can fit into any pocket or handbag and not be any sort of burden. It is especially convenient for exercising and listening to your favorite tunes on the go.


Unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS

On the outside, the iPhone 3GS looks just like the iPhone 3G that you know and love. On the inside, the 3Gs is a much more improved model that is two times faster than the 3G, has a built-in compass and even video recording capability.


Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen)


The Apple iPod shuffle is perfect for those who exercise, it is virtually weightless. Clip it to your belt, your sleeve or anywhere else and there’s no burden, no bulk in your pocket- just a simple interface that is extremely easy to use.


Cheap iPod Nano (4th Gen)

Discount ipod nano

Apple released the latest in the iPod range in September 2008. The iPod Nano (4th Gen) is what we were all expecting from the newest member to the ipod family and it has not disappointed!


Unlocked Apple 3G iPhone

Want a sexy new 3G iPhone? Don't want to pay the extortionate prices charged by cell phone networks? Don't want to get sucked into a ridiculous 2 year contract? Get a jailbroken (unlocked) 3G iPhone!

The new 3G iPhone includes GPS which allows you to use Google maps to track your exact location. This opens up a massive world of possibilityes. The 3G speed is a much needed addition allowing you to surf the web MUCH FASTER than with the previous iphone. The 3G iPhone lets you to dive right into the iPhone app store allowing you to download applications to enhance the functionality of your iphone, improve your day to day life and make you the envy of your friends and family!


Apple Airport Express

With so many people owning iPods, iTunes has become extremely popular. With the Apple Airport express, you can listen to your music all over the house, not just where your computer is. Airtunes sends your iTunes music wirelessly to any speakers in your home.


Cheap Apple iPod Touch 32GB (4th Gen)

32 GB apple iPod Touch deals IOS4

The Apple ipod touch 16gb and 32gb is a whole new way of listening to music. With revolutionary new touch screen technology, it has never been more fun to listen to your mp3s and now, watch your videos in widescreen!


Cheap Apple Power Adapter

Cheapest Apple Adapter in Ireland

An extra power adapter is very handy to have for travelling or of course if you’re power adapter breaks. Apple are responsible for some of the best technology in the world but they may have fallen a bit short when making the apple Power adapter. There have been many cases of power adapters becoming faulty after the warranty runs out.


Cheap Apple iMac


I don’t know about you but I’ve been completely won over by this beauty. It’s absolutely magnificent looking and with amazing specs to boot! The new aluminium iMac is available in both 20 and 24 inch models. The glossy widescreen display is incredible and its profile is wonderfully slim.


Cheap Red Nano 8G iPod (4th Gen)

This special edition iPod nano has flown off the shelves. Collaborating with U2 front man Bono and everyone’s favourite talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Apple have introduced the new red iPod nano.


Cheap Pink 8GB (3rd Gen) iPod Nano

Cheapest pink ipod nano in Ireland

A lot of people say the third generation iPod Nano is still their favorite and we've got some limited stock of the pink version- definitely one for the girlies! While there has been pink ipods and ipod nanos before, none have been the third generation nanos that play video! The 3rd generation holds a whopping 8GB, enough for more than 1000 hours of music should you need it.


Cheap MacBook Air

Cheap (cheapest) macbook air Ireland

The latest Apple MacBook Air that conveniently fits into a manila envelope (whatever the hell that has to do with anything!) is the world's fastest selling Laptop to date...


Cheap MacBook Pro

Image of the new apple macbook pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is the successor to the well established MacBook. The MacBook has an almost cult following with the majority of Apple Macbook owners upgrading to the Pro version...


Cheap Unlocked Apple 2G 8GB iPhone

Don't pay a premium for the iPhone. Here at Zwee we don't think anyone should shell out a fortune for a phone that is half the price everywhere else in the world. If you think you might want an iPhone, then why not start with the first ever iPhone? This will give you a taste of iPhone life before you commit to paying big bucks for the newest kid on the block- the iPhone 4.


Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation

Cheap Apple Ipod Nano

The new Apple iPod Nano is known as "the stepping stone" to being a full blown Apple fanboy/fangirl. The iPod Nano is the perfect first MP3 player and this 3rd generation version even plays video! Getting a cheap iPod Nano has never been easier as they are released so often that picking up a bargain on an older generation version can be really worthwhile.


Cheap Mac Ram

Cheapest Mac RAM in Ireland

Buying extra RAM is a great investment. If you’re thinking of getting a new computer simply because yours is too slow, then you should consider buying extra RAM instead. It is certainly a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle than transferring all your files to a new machine.


Cheap iPod Classic 160GB 7th Generation

With the extortionate prices of the iPhone on AT&T, much greater than anywhere else in the world, there is no better time than now to get yourself a cheap iPod Classic.

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