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Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

picture of the nook with glowlight from barnes and noble

The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is pretty much just a slightly different version of the Nook Simple Touch that was brought out last year. It has all the same internal and external specs. However, they've added a really fantastic feature, the backlit E-ink display, a absolute first for e-book readers. They've also managed to make this Nook a little on the lighter side, 7% lighter in weight to be exact.


Kindle Fire

Apple stepped onto the Amazon Kindle's turf with the launch of iBooks for the iPad and now Kindle are taking a step into the tablet realm at a very competitive price-point. There's no denying that this is a great idea because Amazon have access to a huge library of entertainment, not just in the form of books but movies, TV shows and games also. All eyes are on the Kindle Fire now to see this reversal of a dedicated reading device that is also a tablet. This has been done before with the Barnes & Noble Nook Color but Amazon Prime offers a huge database to members who can enjoy not only unlimited, but also instant streaming of over 10,000 movies and TV shows on their Kindle Fire.


Kindle Touch 3G

Looking for a top of the line touchscreen ebook reader that has 3G connectivity with no monthly fees or contracts? With the Kindle Touch 3G you can download books on the go from anywhere, without having to locate a Wi-Fi area or wait until you are home for a strong enough signal. The 3G works globally so you really are connected everywhere- on work trips or on vacation. If you finish your book, you can just start another while carrying a device that weighs just 220 grams.


Kindle Touch Wi-Fi

Reading on a tablet like the HP Touchpad or the Motorola Xoom can be really convenient because of the touch controls. Reading an entire novel on these devices is not ideal however because of the backlit screen. Sure, they're great for browsing but the e-ink displays of e-book readers is a much better experience for dedicated reading. Barnes & Noble decided to combine parts of both devices by adding touch controls to their Nook Simple Touch Reader. Now Amazon have followed suit with the addition of the Kindle Touch Wi-Fi to their range of e-readers. The Kindle Touch Wi-Fi uses multi-touch controls on the most advanced e-ink display to date and it really pays off.


Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi (4th Generation)

Are you looking for the most affordable ebook reader on the market? The forth generation Kindle is the best value Kindle there has ever been. With so many tablet devices like the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet hosting an e-reader, a lot of people who are shopping for an ebook reader are getting confused. Should you buy a tablet or a Kindle? I can't answer that for you but I can say that if you've already got a tablet and are looking for a dedicated ebook reader, or don't want a tablet or any of the tablet features taking over your ebook reading device, then the Amazon Kindle is the perfect choice.


Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Are you looking for an e-book reader that also lets you browse the web and view documents from your computer on it? The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is the most interesting e-reader to hit the market in a long time. While a lot of tablet manufacturers like the iPad 2 are integrating e-books into their devices, the Nook Color is a dedicated e-reader that integrates elements from tablets into its functionality. The result is a pretty awesome e-reader.


Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader

Are you missing out on lots of good reads just because you don’t like to carry all that bulk with you everywhere you go? The Nook Simple Touch Reader by Barnes and Noble is the solution to your problems. Barnes & Noble have stripped down the Nook to concentrate solely on the reading experience.


Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi

In the market for an ebook reader? The Amazon Kindle Keyboard haven't given up the battle of the e-book readers by a long shot. With the arrival of the iPad, some spectated that the iPad would blow the Kindle out of the water. However, Amazon have brought out a new Kindle to show you what their e-book reader is really made of.


Sony PRS-600 Touch eBook Reader

Sony PRS-600 Touch Edition Black ebook reader

Looking for a touch-screen e-book reader with lots of great features? Measuring just 0.4 inches and weighing less than 10.1 ounces, the Sony PRS-600 boasts a 6-inch display that allows you to turn pages, bookmark where you've left off, adjust the font and search the device all at the swipe of a finger. The E Ink Vizplex™ technology makes reading this device just like reading paper. That means you can read it in direct sunlight with none of the eye-strain associated with computer screens.


Amazon Kindle DX

cheap kindle DX from Amazon

Tired of carrying your paperbacks around in your handbag? The Amazon Kindle DX is the newest and best Kindle to reach the market. An e-book reader with a difference and now with a 9.7-inch screen for the best reading experience yet and a major improvement from the screen size of the Kindle 2.


Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook Reader


Tired of lugging around heavy books and running out of book shelf space? That's where the Barnes & Noble e-book Reader can help. Rumored to be a Amazon Kindle killer, this e-book reader has a lot to offer. Known as the 'Nook', it sports a great design with a color multi-touch screen, far superior to the dull grays of the Sony PRS-505 ebook reader, with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G that runs Google's Android OS to allow you to download books. It also has an MP3 player with a built-in speaker and the capacity to hold up to 1,500 books. That's more books than anyone could dream of carrying around.


Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader


Ebook readers are all the rage of late and it’s easy to see why they have become so popular. This is the second generation of Sony’s e-book reader and there have been some great improvements.


Amazon Kindle 2 eBook Reader

I was a big fan of the original Amazon eBook reader but that’s not to say it didn’t have its flaws. The release of the Amazon Kindle 2 has been eagerly anticipated and it sees many improvements.


Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

cheapest Amazon Kindle eBook Reader in Ireland

Weighing just over 10 ounces, the Amazon Kindle eBook reader is certainly going to be a hit. It uses a technology known as electronic paper which means that unlike laptop screens, the Kindle eBook reader does not have a back light. It’s easy to view even in sunny conditions and you do not have to worry about eye-strain.

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