VTech Cogsley Learning Robot

Cogsley Learning Robot

With all the technology and gadgets at our disposal it’s easy to leave the little ones out. Sticky fingers and teething mouths have no place near our iPads and games consoles  Luckily VTech fill the niche when it comes to baby and child friendly technology, and they've seemed to put all their great ideas into their new learning robot friend called Cogsley, the electronic learning toy robot. Cogsley might sound like a Furby for toddlers, but unlike Furby, this guy has an off button, he will even automatically shut off to preserve his battery life.


Furby 2012

Furby is available in blue, yellow, purple/pink, red, white and yellow.

Furby was the must have Christmas toy back in 1998, and almost 15 years later the new 2012 edition can claim the exact same status. Everyone remembers Furby, it was the adorable, unpredictable and annoying little interactive animatronic cuddly toy that did not have an on/off switch. Kids absolutely adored it for its random “furbish” language, its reactions to sound and touch, its cute expressions and especially its ability to express a personality, while parents hated it for all the same reasons.

This new edition of the Furby is loved for all the same reasons, but it’s had a big upgrade. Technology has sure moved on in the last 15 years, and so has Furby. While original Furby could only sway back and forth, which they would often do to music, new Furby has a very expressive torso joint that allows it to wiggle about, scrunch up and wobble, making their dance moves a lot more realistic and animated, which kids will love. Furby even sings along in furbish now.


Black Stealth 3-Channel RC Helicopter

A very precise and easy to control RC helicopter. You can fly it in any direction you want. With the precise controls it goes exacly where you want it to go.

To achieve this stability it is using a dual rotor design, the rotors are spinning in opposite directions. It has blue and red lef lamps so you can set that up to know which one is yours when flying multiple helicopters.

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