Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Do you love surfing the web? Wish you had a laptop that was optimized for web browsing, where you didn't have to worry about installing and uninstalling software? The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 keeps things simple. It boots up in less than ten seconds and is designed to run for a whole day of surfing, streaming and being productive on the web on just one charge. The Samsung Chromebook is sleek and lightweight with an anti-reflective 12.1-inch LED display that has a mirror effect which produces sharp images with 300 nlt brightness.


Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook


Netbooks are becoming increasingly popular with students and business professionals alike. The Samsung NC10 is weighs just 2.8 pounds, has a 10.2 inch screen so it is small and light enough to be taken with you wherever you go.

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