Sony Vaio X Notebook

sony vaio x sale

Looking for an ultra-portable PC with all the screen size and none of the weight? The Sony Vaio X is currently the lightest notebook on the market weighing just 1.6 pounds.


Sony Vaio P Portable


Netbooks have taken the world by storm and it was only a matter of time until Sony joined the race. The Sony Vaio P was certainly worth the wait. It is the lightest notebook on the market today, weighing in at 1.4 pounds, less than 1 inch thick, with an 8-inch screen- this notebook has the power of a larger notebook packed into a tiny package.


Pink Sony Vaio Laptops

cheapest Pink Sony Viao Laptops in Ireland

Sony is one of the most well known electronics brands in the world and lately their star has been shining ever brighter thanks to their dedication to creating beautiful, functional and powerful laptops and netbooks. Their most recent sleek designs and high powered technologies easily rival that of the Apple Macbook Air and unlike other PC manfucaturers, Sony are not churning out boring grey or black boxes. Instead Sony have certainly taken a leaf out of Apple's book by creating electronics that are a beautiful as they are functional.


Cheap Sony Vaio NR21 Notebook

Sony Vaio NR21 Notebook.

This is an ideal purchase for someone that’s looking for both power and style on a budget. With a 200GB hard drive and 2GB memory, this is excellent value for money and perfect if you’re looking for a laptop for college or an upgrade from an old desktop computer.

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