Unlocked Dell Streak 5 Tablet and Phone

The Apple iPad might be a revolutionary device, but practically speaking it’s not the kind of device you can comfortably take everywhere with you. The 9.7-inch screen for one is gigantic, and you can’t use it as a phone either. If you need and want the ideal internet tablet that’s big enough to surf the web comfortably but small enough to bring everywhere with you and use as a phone, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Dell Streak, the Andorid powered tablet.


Cheap Dell Axim X51v

cheapest Dell Axim X51v in Ireland

Dell has a great reputation for whacking out the best PDAs on the market to date. The Dell Axim X51v is no exception to the rule. It has a 3.7 inch VGA screen with 640x480-pixel resolution and a 16-bit-colour output.

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