HP Veer 4G

Do you want a smartphone but are put off by the bulky size of most smartphones on the market? The latest phone by HP called Veer 4G is a small and rather cute phone. It measures 3.31 inches tall by 2.15 inches wide by 0.59 inches think and weighs just 3.63 ounces. If you keep HP Veer and a deck of cards side by side you will notice that there is not much of difference between them.


HP iPaq 2215 Bluetooth Pocket PC PDA

cheapest HP iPaq 2215 in Ireland

Well looky here. HP have really outdone themselves with this little beauty! An amazingly full featured PC to be able to fit into your pocket but that’s where technology is right now and I am not complaining. There’s tons of software included with the iPaq 2215.

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