Grado GS1000i Headphones

If music is your passion, then you'll already know that most headphones don't do justice to the dynamic range of the music you love. Unlike other headphone brands that think the louder the headphones are, the better the sound is- Grados know that it is hearing exert last detail in the sound that makes a great headset. The GS1000i most definitely delivers in this respect. Tonal neutrality is outstanding from highest treble to lowest bass.


Nokia BH-905 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Are your earphones not doing a good job canceling the noise around you on your daily commute? Keep missing calls because you have to take off your earphones to answer a call? The Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones can solve both of these problems for you. These headphones are serious about noise cancellation. So serious that the active noise cancellation system uses ten microphones. Eight of these microphones are used for capturing noise and the other two are present to ensure that when you take calls, you will be heard even in noisy surroundings.


Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones

Have you ever wished you could just shut out all the traffic noise, people shouting and just enjoy your music? The solution has arrived with the OuietComfort 3 headphones from Bose, which deliver superior noise reduction, high quality audio performance along with a very comfortable fit. The active noise cancellation technologies in these headphones are very powerful. When you are traveling on a plane, just turn on the noise cancellation and you will notice a dramatic reduction in engine noise.


Monster Beats Pro Studio Headphones by Dr. Dre

If you’re a fan of modern music then a good set of headphones should be an essential part of your music enjoyment. To truly experience music the way the artist wants you to you simply must get your hands on a pair of Monster Beats Pro Studio Headphones by Dr. Dre. These high def headphones are precision engineered for today’s digital music, specifically designed with rock, hip hop and R&B in mind. Beats will deliver to you all the power, clarity and deep bass of today’s top artists.


Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Are you fed up with finding your earphones tangled with your keys, pens and an assortment of other objects in your bag? The UrbanEars Plattan Headphones have a thick fabric cord which does not get twisted and knotted like other earphones, which makes them much less irritating and also extends their life.


V-Moda Vibe Headphones

Tired of your old, standard iPhone earphones? Ready to upgrade to a pair of earbuds that fit snugly inside your ear? Finally there’s an affordable option for iPhone users that want to make and receive calls on their earbuds. With these headphones you’ll hear the high notes clear and the bass will come through deep and rich whilst not being overpowering, but the V-Moda Vibe Headphones don’t just deliver incredible sound, they also have a built-in microphone for taking those important calls and fit perfectly into the iPhone 3.5mm jack without requiring a special adapter.


Peltor WorkTunes Music Earmuffs


Protecting yourself from loud noises should always be a priority, whether doing DIY at home or whilst out at work. This can make long laborious tasks pretty boring.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a pair of these amazing Peltor Worktunes earmuffs with an incredible built-in AM/FM stereo with antenna.


Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones


If you’ve ever wanted to adjust your own personal listening level while watching TV or listening to music then the perfect solution is a pair of wireless headphones. Sennheiser is long trusted name when it comes to headphones and the Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones definitely live up to the name.

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