Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC

A lot of people shipping for a computer choose laptops, not because they need to bring their computer anywhere, but because they're nicer looking than a large dusty tower, screen and separate speakers that take up half a desk. These days, large dusty towers and speakers are things of the past and if you don't need a portable computer then why not have a glorious widescreen to enjoy? The Toshiba DX735 Desktop PC offers just that with a 23-inch slimline widescreen which hosts everything you need. The disc drive, speakers and ports are all part of the screen so it is very easy to keep your desk clutter-free.


Dell XPS One 24 All In One Desktop PC


If you’ve ever wanted to combine your home desktop computer with your television the Dell XPS One 24, the all in one computer system, is the solution you’ve been looking for. XPS stands for Xtreme Performance System and the XPS One 24 doesn’t disappoint.


Dell PC P4 2.8Ghz XP-2 Pro Desktop

Do you want a powerful Dell desktop computer that comes complete with a 19-inch flat panel LCD monitor and fantastic specs? Would you like it to run on Microsoft XP Professional rather than buggy Vista? Well, the Dell PC P4 comes ready to connect to any cable or DSL internet connection so once you're through the easy set up, you'll be ready to go in no time.


Dell XPS 720

cheapest Dell XPS 720 in Ireland

The Dell XPS 720 is a dream come true to graphics users and heavy gamers. It comes in three editions- the pricier H2C edition is jet black with a glossy black chassis and the other version comes in red with aluminium chassis or jet black with aluminium chassis.

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