EyeClops Video Mini Projector

The Eyeclops Video Mini Projector is a fun AV gadget that had me intrigued right from the start. This innovative projector especially designed to be an affordable projector that you can use to project images from your games consoles, or DVD player onto a large area on your wall or ceiling. In this way, it is especially suitable for kids giving them the freedom to play on a big screen without the danger of having excited youngsters around a big expensive television playing a console like the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect. Even a few adult parties could use this peace of mind!

The Eyeclops itself is portable, fits easily in the palm of your hands and when you project it, the screen size can be up to 60 inches, which is really cool.


Optoma HD20 Home Theatre Projector


Taking your home theatre experience to the next level gets even easier with the Optoma HD20 Home Theatre Projector. Share your presentations, big screen movies, sports events and take your video gaming to new heights. You’ll never have to suffer from a grainy home projection system again as the Optoma HD20 has true 1080p resolution delivering excellent color saturation and amazingly bright, vivid and lifelike images, even in bright rooms!


BenQ PE7700 (HD) Projector


The BenQ PE7700 is the follow up to the hugely popular 8700+ which was a great selling projector. The 7700 has all the benefits of the 8700 and more. Best of all, the price has gone down.


InFocus X10 DLP HD Projector

cheapest InFocus X10 DLP HD Projector in Ireland

The cinema used to be the affordable place to go when funds were low and you fancied a night out. Now, they’re hiking the prices up so high that it’s becoming increasingly important to bring the cinema action home. The InFocus X10 DLP HD Projector is the perfect way to do this.

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