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cheapest sling media slingbox in Ireland
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Watch your TV anywhere... what will they think of next? This innovative and affordable device lets you watch and control your TV source from anywhere via your computer or mobile phone. It works with Windows PCs, Macs and Windows mobile technologies. Set up is simple and you never have to miss your favourite TV show again, whether you’re at work or on the go. The Slingbox hooks up to your DVR, satellite receiver, your cable or even your DVD player. The picture quality is generally on a par with a good videotape recording.

The Slingbox is affordable and impressive. The options are pretty endless with a Slingbox. You can watch the news while travelling, you can watch a recorded movie if you’re stuck on a long journey, you can catch your favourite TV show if you’re stuck late in work, you can even share home movies that are stored on your DVR or Media Centre PC with family and friends by giving them a guest password for their PC.

With plenty of different Slingboxes to choose from, each with different capabilities you can get whichever one suits your own needs. If you’ve got a solid broadband signal on a mobile device and are itching to get home to that digital box every day, then this is your answer. If you can’t get to the mountain, bring the mountain to you!

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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