Logitech Harmony 650

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Do you have a clutter of remote controls for your TV, radio, DVD player, Blu-ray and other entertainment systems? It's time to clear away the mess and make life much easier by replacing that jumble with one sleek remote control to rule them all. The Logitech Harmony 650 is the perfect device to control all of your devices with. Whether you're living in the past with an old VCR or you've recently invested in a new Blu-ray player or sound system, the Logitech Harmony 650 will support them all. One of the reasons that Logitech universal remotes are so popular is the growing catalogue of 5000+ brands that are supported. This database is being constantly updated so that even new products that are being released will be supported by the Logitech Harmony 650.

There is support for up to five remotes with the Logitech Harmony 650 so you can set up your living room to be controlled by just one remote. Whatever way you want to configure that is up to you- whether it's a TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, music device, your cable TV or even devices like a Mac Mini. The Logitech Harmony 650 has a great design with backlit buttons so that you can find what you're looking for even when you're enjoying a movie in the dark. There is also a backlit color screen that acts as a smart display. Here, devices you use most often can be set-up as short cuts, so you can choose to "watch DVD" or "listen to music" right from the home screen. You can also set favorite channel icons so you can jump between your favorite channels much more fluidly.

To set up the Logitech Harmony 650, there is an online menu that will guide you through all the steps to pairing your remote with the devices you want it to control. Just input the equipment you have on a drop down menu and the rest of the process is simple. This is definitely easier than other brands of remotes that have complicated menu set ups from within the device. Overall, this is an ergonomic well laid out remote that will clear up the clutter and help you to spend more time enjoying your entertainment systems. Pick up a Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control at the best price here.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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