Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV

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Do you get tired of having nothing to watch on TV? Wish you could access all the entertainment and on demand services of the Internet from your living room on your HDTV? Now you can with the Logitech Revue. Connecting your Revue to your TV will give you access to Google TV and a host of great entertainment. Google TV is the TV of the future, and is an open platform so new apps are constantly being developed and functionality is getting improved all the time.

The Logitech Revue set top box is not as small as the Apple TV but it is most certainly smaller than Blu-ray player or a cable DVR. It is very light, weighing only 1.32 pounds. It has rounded corners with the case tapering towards the bottom. The design of this box keeps things simple- the only buttons on the device are the power button and the Bluetooth pairing button. At the back of the box, there are ports for inputs and outputs. These include a HDMI output and input, two USB ports, an Ethernet jack, optical digital audio output and two IR blast ports. This device also has a built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi as an Ethernet alternative. You use the HDMI input for connecting the Revue to your cable or satellite box.

Along with the Revue box, you also get a keyboard. This keyboard is very thin and light, and like the Apple keyboard, it is wireless and runs on a pair of AA batteries. There is a touch pad in the upper right corner of the keyboard and below the touch pad you’ll find the directional pad that has Android based keys such as back and home, plus picture-in-picture and favorite buttons. There is no default tap to click functionality but you can easily enable it if you plan on using it. Logitech offers two alternatives in case you don’t want a keyboard in your living room – you can use a Mini Controller, which is sold separately, or you can control the Revue using an iPhone or Android-based smartphone. Buy the Logitech Revue for a cheap price today and open your living room to a whole new entertainment experience.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 23, 2019

Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV Reviews (1)

  1. January 16, 2012 by Julia


    I have a PS3 so I can already watch Netflix and Hulu on that but I got the Revue because it has way better functionality. I can watch lots of great stuff from the Internet with Google Chrome. The keyboard is so great and I actually love this more than my Apple TV. The Revue can stream stuff from itunes too.

    Pros: Nearly everything!
    Cons: Watching anything on Flash is awful… It crashes and is impossible to put up with.

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