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The Slingbox is back with its best installment ever- The Slingbox Pro-HD. Now you can finally stream in crisp, clear, HD quality.

If you don't know what the Slingbox is capable of, it allows you to connect all of your media devices like your cable television, your standard or HD DVR (DISH, comcast, ReplayTV), DVD player or recorder, Apple TV, Windows Media Center, video/security camera and of course, satellite receiver. It also has HD component input support for 720p or 1080i (60Hz). You can use this to watch and control your TV any time, anywhere. You can literally watch your media anywhere in the world. This is a HUGE upgrade from the original slingbox. You can use this to watch the news or a football game while commuting on your mobile phone, or watch a certain program on your office computer. Different viewing modes allow you to work and watch TV at the same time on your computer. You do this by connecting your Slingbox to your cable, DVD player, satellite or DVR before connecting it to your home network. Install the included Sling Player software on your PC or Mac and set it up how you want it to suit your needs.

From there, you see a virtual remote control that acts just like the remote you have at home. You are then able to watch your TV on the web, change channels and set your DVR to record- all from your computer screen.

Get all of these features with no subscription costs or monthly payments with the slingbox pro HD. Buy it now at a great price to see just how fun HD can be.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Slingbox Pro HD Reviews (1)

  1. January 15, 2012 by Jerry


    This was the perfect solution for my delimma. I had a pool house constructed last year about 100′ away from my home and only ran electric and CAT6 out to it. Put a TV on the wall inside the pool house, purchased the Logitech Revue from Dish Network for $99, sold my older Slingbox Pro on eBay and purchased the Pro HD. Hooked it all up and now I enjoy HD programming in the pool house. Works perfectly. Still not happy I had to upgrade to the Slingbox Pro HD even though I had a Pro with the HD connect. What some people don’t realize is that the older Slingbox Pro with HD connect only slings content at 540i, the newer Pro HD slings at up to1080i.

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