Magnavox NB500MG9 Blu-Ray Player

Cheapest Magnavox NB500MG9 in Ireland
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The Magnavox NB500MG9 has created a major buzz around it because it is the most affordable Blu-Ray player on the market. It is rumoured that this Blu-Ray player will be responsible for penetrating Blu-Ray into every household.

This is the first generation of players intending on doing so from Funai, one of the largest OEM DVD player manufacturers at present. The price, however is the only thing cheap about this machine. The performance of the Magnavox NB500MG9 is amazing. Every picture frame is so clean and sharp. You will feel that every Blu-Ray movie you watch is a trip to the cinema. It’s a BD Profile 1.1 player, supporting 1080p/24 and 1080p/60 video output, bitstream HD audio output, and HDMI 1.3.

It will also send all Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD to your receiver via bitstream. Setting up the machine is very user-friendly and hassle free.

The player has audio and video strengths of high-end units but at a much nicer price.

There are three set up options- Quick, custom and initialize. That way, you can get watching straight away if you choose to! Even the remote control is well designed. You’ll get to know all the functions quickly as they are colour coded for your convenience.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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