Samsung BD-C5500 Blu Ray Player

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If you’re looking for your first Blu-Ray player that is feature rich at an affordable price then look no further than the BD-C5500 by Samsung. This Blu-Ray player is simply but elegantly designed. It has a glossy back finish in the front panel, which is augmented by a silver strip in the upper right that gives better visibility to the playback controls. The LCD display is quite large and it is placed in the centre of the device for easy visibility. Under the front panel controls, you’ll find a pull away tab that reveals a USB port. You can use this to show off photos and other media from your computer. The front panel controls are touch-sensitive buttons which are very responsive. This design is very functional and easy to use.

The Blu-ray remote also has received a snazzy redesign from the previous model of this player. It is wider and flatter and does not have a glossy finish which is a good thing because this remote is not a fingerprint magnet. The new button layout is more straightforward – it has all the important and most used buttons like the directional pad and playback controls close so that they easily fall under the thumb. The numbers keys are huge for no apparent reason but it does look better and is great for those that are forever squinting at the remote. One of the best things about this remote is that it can be used to control the TV too so that will save you the cost of a universal remote.

Samsung has completely revamped the user interface of its Blu-ray players and I really like the new look that it is sporting. Visually, it is very appealing and it is very user-friendly too. It has good larger icons at the top for popular streaming services like Rovi TV listings, Blockbuster, Netflix, Vudu, GrooveShark and Pandora. These icons make it easier to start and enjoy the multimedia. You can also use Samsung Apps where you can browse and download new apps, which are categorized into genres like video, games, sports, and lifestyle. All of the current available apps are free, but Samsung had said that premium apps will be available in the future. The Samsung BD-C5500 is a fantastic Blu-Ray player that would fit in great in any living room especially if you have recently picked up a new HD TV. Pick up a deal on one here today.

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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