Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray Disc Player

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The Samsung BD-C600 is one of the best value Blu-Ray players available on the market. It has a more refined look using a brushed metal style instead of the all glossy black design seen on most Blu-Ray players today such as the Sony BDP-S560. Even though the casing is made of plastic, it looks like a more expensive metal finish because of the colors used. The design is very eye-catching; it has an LCD display in the centre of the unit and to the right of the display, you’ll find the illuminated touch-sensitive buttons.

The touch sensitive buttons are very easy to use and they are very responsive too. The power button stays on even when you switch off the device. This helps in starting the device up more quickly when you need to. On top of the player you will find an illuminated Blu-Ray logo, which looks attractive, but you have the option to turn it off from the setting menu if it annoys you. On the far right corner is the USB port that you can use to quickly plug in any of your pen drive devices like a Kingston USB stick. Once you connect your USB device, you can instantly view any media like photos, music or video files.

Samsung has also redesigned its Blu-Ray remote this year. They have finally opted for wide and flat clicker rather than the old glossy one which was a fingerprint magnet. They also have given a refresh to the button layout, which is now easier to use. All the important buttons like directional pad and playback controls come right under your thumb. The numbers are nice and big so you won’t have to squint to change channels and the remote can also be used to control your HDTV so you won’t have to keep switching around controls. Samsung also redesigned the user interface of the online menu and it looks great. There is a wood grain background and large icons for different media options like Internet@TV, music, videos, Photos etc.

For a great looking Blu-Ray player, with lots of extra features at a very affordable price, buy a Samsung BD-C600 here today.

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Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray Disc Player Reviews (1)

  1. December 1, 2011 by Juile


    I bought this just looking for a cheap bluray player and I only discovered the Internet features when I set it up. I was more concerned with having a nice picture and I was happy with the quality of the C6500 on my tv. It also loads up really fast>> my dvd player before used to take ages and was very loud but this is quiet. I’ve used it for netflix and thought is was great but had terrible trouble setting up blockbuster on demand using my mac so beware of that.

    Pros: great value, access to Internet, fast loading time, good picture.
    Cons: had trouble setting up blockbuster on demand on my mac.

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