Sony BDP-BX37 Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Player

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Looking for a blu-ray player that also gives you access to Internet video? With BRAVIA Internet Video that comes with this player, watching your favorite blu-ray movies is only the beginning. The Sony BDP-BX37 is one of the most interesting Blu-ray Disc players to hit the market. It is also known as the Sony BDP-S370 –the only difference between them is that you get a HDMI cable in the box with Sony BDP-BX37 and you have to buy one separately with Sony BDP-S370. This Blu-ray player allows you to watch movies and TV shows in Full HD1080p in stunning high quality.

Everything about this Blu-ray player is great. It starts up quickly and plays Blu-ray disks in a matter of seconds. Being a Blu-ray player does not mean it does not play standard DVDs well. I have a huge collection of DVDs and good DVD playback is an important feature for me. Sony BDP-BX37 does not disappoint in this area, it upscales DVD playback and the quality is much better than playing them on a standard DVD player like the Philips DVP5140. The remote that is provided with the player is functional and easy to use but to make things even more convenient, you can use your phone to control the device. Sony has provided apps for Android and iPhone that can be used as a remote control for the BDP-BX37. The app gives lots more information about movies that you're choosing to watch which is a really geeky feature that I love.

These days Blu-ray device are not just about Blu-ray and DVD playback though, they connect to the internet too to avail of all the great video content available online. The Sony BDP-BX37 has excellent internet apps collection. You can watch movies on your Netflix queue; listen to music on Pandora and checkout videos in Crackle Amazon Instant video. They have lots of other access to different video resources, even YouTube, which is great for parties. DLNA support is really good, the player automatically finds supporting devices and adds them to the menu. Overall Sony BDP-BX37 is a fantastic Blu-ray player with lots of nice features. If you want a new gadget that goes beyond simple blu-ray playback and instead opens an endless supply of online video too, then this is a great choice. We've got a special offer on the Sony BDP-BX37 Blu-ray disc player while stocks last. Get yours today.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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