Sony RDR-VX525 DVD Recorder/VCR

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How many ugly VCR tapes have you got lying around your house? You don’t want to throw them out because they’re packed with your family memories from your video camera, your favourite movies and TV shows. Sure, you never use that VCR player anymore but why part with all those great moments just to clear up space? This is your reason!

The Sony RDR-VX525 can transfer your VCR tapes onto DVDs at the touch of a button! It stops automatically after either the DVD is full or the VCR tape is empty so you don’t even have to supervise! You don’t have to worry about the quality because with the high quality and standard modes the picture looks just like the original. Without being at all complicated, you can preserve all your memories into a brand new DVD collection. A good sized remote and a HDMI cable are included with the Sony RDR-VX525.

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TV shows and movies from satellite or cable can be copied directly onto DVD too so you can continue your collection in a similar fashion! This is a great quality DVD/DVD+/CD/CD+/VHS player at an incredible price. The sound quality is great and the HDMI capability transmits incredible detail of high definition. There’s even a child lock for locking the disc tray for ultimate parental control! The process of hooking up this system is as user-friendly as the dubbing.

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Sony RDR-VX525 DVD Recorder/VCR Reviews (1)

  1. September 27, 2012 by Ron


    I have use this recorder for over 3 yrs now ( I bought it used) & have transferred over 500 vhs tapes to disc. Also, I have recorder over
    l500 discs & have had almost NO problems. True, it DOESN’T have a tuner but I simply go out from my DISH receiver IN to the recorder
    (Line 2) and can record anything I want. I do agree with many that the user’s manual can be wordy & hard to understand in places but
    once I figured it out it’s been great. I bought this unit under $100 so with all the recording & transferring I’ve done it has more than paid
    for itself.

    Pros: easy to record/transfer.
    Cons: Instruction manual could be simplified. When using the l touch
    dubbing, it is hard to pinpoint the start.In other words, your opening
    MAY be a little too soon, or a little late. Remedy this by leaving blank
    @ the start.

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