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It's surprising that video glasses haven't caught on as well as personal media players have, especially considering the amount of squinting we put ourselves through just to watch a full length movie on the bus or on the plane. Instead, imagine the feeling of having your own private cinema, no matter where you go. With a pair of iTheater Virtual Video Glasses you can experience this amazing virtual cinema, for cheaper than you think.

iTheater Virtual Video Glasses connect to any device, be it your portable DVD player, your iPod Nano Video, iPhone, they even connect to your Playstation 3 or XBox 360. Not just for mobile use, these glasses can turn a small home space into a giant one.

These virtual video glasses have two small LCD screens inside, combined with the impressive lenses these glasses display the equivalent to a 50 to 80 inch big screen, just for you. There's a complicated science behind these glasses, using prisms and two screens, one for each eye, the designers have managed to make the image displayed appear much further away and much larger than it actually is. It really does feel like being at the cinema, and they come with stereo headphones built in, so you can also experience your very own surround sound system. Buying these glasses could save you a small fortune and save a ton of space at home. If Ikea did home entertainment, they would sell you these.

The experience video glasses will give you has to be seen to be believed, whether you travel a lot or simply love the big screen experience, you simply must pick up a pair today.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

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  1. October 3, 2011 by Steve


    Let’s face it, video glasses still look a bit silly, people are probably going to look at you funny if you wear these in public. BUT I use these at home, I don’t have the room OR the money for a giant big screen TV, instead I have a pair of these fantastic glasses, that turn any video source into a massive widescreen display, but just for me.

    I’m so glad I bought these, I just wish I could wear them out and about without people thinking I’m dressed up as someone from Star Trek.

    Pros: Removes the need for a big screen TV.
    Cons: Look a bit silly.

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