Samsung P2570HD 25inch TV

Our Price: $270

If you're looking for a beautiful and very slimly designed high definition television you can't go wrong with the Samsung P2570HD 25inch TV which has been designed to serve a multitude of needs both as TV and a computer monitor and works perfect with Windows 7.

The P2570HD features a built-in 1080p digital HDTV tuner allowing you to play high def games and watch blu-ray. The P2570HD gives plenty of inputs, basic speakers, and a remote control with all expected features.

The screen though gives a sharp, full HD image with excellent color fidelity and good blacks. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and on the rear, all input jacks are face backwards and recessed about an inch.

Overall the Samsung P2570HD 25 inch TV it is a good looking piece of equipment that gives a decent TV image can be used as a computer monitor generally well priced. If you really want a very specific TV or computer monitor then maybe this isn’t it. However if your looking for a smart design and a small TV then it might be just for you.

Don't delay in picking up this super slim Samsung P2570HD today.

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Price Range: $150 - $270

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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