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Cheapest Philips 42PF9831 Ambilight in Ireland
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Philips’ Ambilight technology seems to be the newest craze in the TV world. Watching television in the dark as so many of us love to do will strain your eyes so Philips have introduced this new low level Ambilight to soften the contrast as well as soften the focus for our eyes. This advanced lighting system lights up as you’re watching TV. As the tones on the screen change so do the lights around all four edges and these lights reflect off the wall giving the room an incredible glow.

On top of that, when your TV is off, the lighting can be used to create a unique ambience. Not as cheap as a lava lamp, but some very cool technology all the same. You don’t have to waste time setting the mood as set up couldn’t be easier with Philips’ technology scanning channels automatically and storing them for you. Pop in your sky digital and computer consoles and this TV will recognise them straightaway. As if that wasn’t enough there is a pair of HDMI ports, a USB and memory card slot, a PC link as well as the TV being prepared for a wireless connection from your PC. The actual performance of the Ambilight is amazing thanks to its Pixel Plus 3 HD. High definition has never looked so good.

Not a lot of people can resist this temptation at such cheap prices. Can you?

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Price Range: $120 - $300

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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