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Are you on the hunt for one of the thinnest, most stylish 3D televisions available today? The LG - INFINIA 47LX9500 is an elegant 3D high definition television. It has an ultra-thin bezel that is one of the most attractive features about this high definition television. It has a panel frame around the top and sides of the set and it measures just 7/8 of an inch wide--1/4 inch of which is transparent. 5/8 of this is black which means when the television is turned on, all of the focus is on the screen itself with no distraction from an overlapping design. This is especially great when watching 3D content because it completely sucks you in.

The LG - INFINIA 47LX9500 is without doubt the most unique and stylish high definition television that I have reviewed this year. It comes with a unique “Magic Wand” remote that is somewhat similar to the Wii remote motion controller from the Nintendo Wii. Two buttons on this remote are the most useful – the home button and the select button. The home button brings up simplified menu system with big cursor controls and you just have to move the remote to point the cursor and activate the menu items. Even though I had my doubts the pointer turned out to be surprisingly accurate and it is actually fun to use too. You have the option to turn it off and use the regular menu system with standard multi button remote. You can choose whichever suits you. The standard remote is long and thin with large rubberized keys. The buttons are pronounced so they are easy to navigate without having to look the remote.

There are lots of other great features on this TV too. You have access to lots of streaming apps like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, Vudu and some non-streaming apps like Picasa. There’s an onscreen calendar, a clock for checking different time zones and some games developed in the Yahoo Widget platform. There are currently around 18 widgets available for this high definition television. If you’re looking for a really stylish 3D television for your home, the LG - INFINIA 47LX9500 47" Class 3D 1080p 480Hz LED LCD TV will fit right in. Get it here at a great price today.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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