Dell S2409W 24 inch LCD Monitor

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Do you know that a small, low quality screen can ruin movie and gaming experiences? These days everything is released in High Definition and if your screen cannot handle that resolution you can’t enjoy full impact of media entertainment. So the logical thing would be to upgrade to a new HD screen. On the Dell S2409W 24 inch LCD Monitor you can enjoy movies and games in cinema-quality full 1080p HD resolution; this widescreen enables you to watch movies at the highest resolution the film is released at. Even speaking to people on a webcam becomes a different experience. If you are playing a game you can enjoy the rich, vibrant colours and unbelievable detail that you can only see in high resolution. This 24-inch screen features full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The response time of this monitor is lightning fast 5ms, which ensures that you get a seamless, fluid video experience. There is a single HDMI port which supports high definition video and 5.1 channel surround sound audio in a single cable.

The stand has tilt support for adjusting the screen to optimal viewing angle so that you can view the screen comfortably. The brightness settings allow you to view the high definition content in its full glory even if you are in a brightly lit area full of sunlight. Along with the monitor you will also get power cord, VGA cable (VGA to VGA), DVI cable, and CD user guide. There are different presets for different things that you do. Some of them are Standard, Movie, Sports, Nature, Game, Multimedia, Cool, and Warm. The sharpness and the color tone are altered in each mode to make them more suitable for the task. The standard present is quite good for almost all the tasks except for gaming. Use the gaming preset if you are playing a game for real quality. The Dell S2409W 24 inch LCD Monitor a great monitor that delivers excellent performance. Buy it today and enjoy everything on your screen in glorious high definition.

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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